Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I started a group on Facebook. If 1,000 people join the group I will go


I thought it would be fun if I went blonde just for a kick, and then decided to see how many people would encourage me. Who knows if it'll work, but it'll be fun to see! If you want to join the group you can go here.

I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Gotta Feeling...That This Week's Gonna Be A Good Week!

Here's what's been shakin' as of late:

So about a month ago Bob and I noticed that parts of our wall in our bedroom were splitting. We alerted our landlord, and we come to find out that water is seeping through the wall. Uh-oh. Thankfully our great landlords were willing to fix it. After thinking that only part of the wall would need to be removed it turned out that entire thing had to go. So after a week of their hard, diligent work, the wall is fixed! We even had a fun little sleepover in the living room on the couch cushions while waiting for the new paint to dry. Seriously, though, our couches are awesome. We both slept like babies, and didn't want to wake up on Saturday. I like sleepovers :)

 Anywho, so the room went from white to a beautiful beige and it looks AMAZING! Bob and I were able to clean and reorganize during the fix, as well as put up some pictures, and our room feels cozier than ever!

Also, we talked Bob's brother, Isaiah, into swapping us beds (we convinced him with the fact that our Full has a memory foam top layer). So sometime in the next week or so we are getting a Queen bed! I can't wait!

Things just keep getting better and better in the Neve household. In other news:

The other day I showered shortly before bed and decided to curl my hair. Bob's cute mom gave me some sponge rollers for our wedding after I'd mentioned how much I liked them when I was younger. So after doing the washing, I rolled my damp hair into the curlers. I wanted the rollers to stay in all night because my hair is still fairly short, so I rolled them good n' tight. Upon waking up the next morning I took out the curlers to see this awesome sight:

Little Orphan Annie, is that you?!

Clearly I rolled my hair a bit too tight. Yeah... I was laughing so hard that Bob had to pick me up off the bathroom floor. I still lose it everytime I see that picture. I think it'll be a little while before I curl my hair again. Or at least I'll make sure to roll them looser next time. I especially love how in the second pic there are some bottom pieces not as curly. It kinda looks like a curly mullet. Those are H-O-T!
Moving on, Little Ginny is definitely a part of the family now. We give her lots of loves (I'll be posting a video of the Ginny massage soon - she loves getting pet and scratched). And we let her out every evening before bed for 30 minutes or so in the bathroom to get her wiggles out. Last night Bob cleaned her cage in the afternoon (her sleep time), and she was tuckered out the rest of the evening. Because of this we didn't bring her out. I came to find out today that last night she kept waking Bob up with her sad squeaks. They kinda sound like an "EEP! EEP!" And according to the Internet (which knows all), if they squeak when you're not near it means they're lonely. Poor Ginny! She woke up from her siesta and Mom and Dad were fast asleep. No shoulder to sit on, and no extra raisins to snarf down. Awe, she likes us lots :)

Bob and I are getting a new car! Well, new-to-us at least! My brother and his wife are selling their 4-dr. Chevy and we've decided to buy it from them. Also, we'll be selling Bob's Saturn to his brother, Isaiah. Wahoo! No more owning 2 of the same cars (both white, manual, 2 dr. 4 seaters). We'll be picking up the car this weekend from my brother who has graciously given us a great price for the car. Thanks you guys!

Once again, SO HAPPY!
So that's about it for now, friends. It might be a couple weeks until the next post. I take the awesome GRE next Friday. Bleh! Soooooo not looking forward to it. I leave you with this cute pic of us newlyweds :)