Thursday, February 14, 2013

Oh Boy! Or Girl?

Operation find-out-what-the-baby-is commences tomorrow at 1200 hours. I'm betting on human and girl, and Bob is betting humanoid and boy.

My niece is 100% sure it's a girl and got upset when my mom tried to explain that we haven't found out the sex yet.

Both nephews on my side think it's a boy, but that could be because they are also boys and want another buddy to play with.

I'm honestly just hoping that it has two arms, two legs, all its fingers and toes, and at least one eye.

I'm also nervous as heck as if it'll be my fault if it's missing a body part. I can hear the technician now...

"How careless can you be? You only grew the baby one arm! Don't you know that most humans have two?!"


Anywho, all-in-all it'll be nice to finally have a pronoun to give this fetus. Calling it "it" is soooo first trimester.

Thoughts on what I've been growing these past 4 1/2 months?