Thursday, February 26, 2009

What The???

Okay, I just realized that I blogged about some random movie I watched when I was like 7. What the random? Seriously, I like how that movie randomly popped in my head and I decided to write some crazy post about it. Anywho, hopefully the next one will have more thought put into it.

We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

Who remembers this movie? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Oh man, was this awesome! I mean look at these fine bullet points:

- The "good" guy is named "Captain Neweyes." His evil brother is "Professor Screweyes." Screweyes can control people with his hypnotic stare. GENIUS!

- The Dinosaurs get fed Brain Grain Cereal to make them smarter. GENIUS!

- There is a Dinosaur named Dweeb who is truly the geekiest Dino ever, AND he has buck teeth. Another Dino is name Woog. Dude, Woog is like the coolest name ever! GENIUS!

- This movie was made in 1993, and the 90's rocked! GENIUS!

- At the end of the show, ravens completely cover Professor Screweyes and when they fly away all that is left is the screw that was in place of his left eye. A seriously dark and morbid scene in a friendly children's movie? GENIUS!

Dang this movie rocked. I wanna go watch it now. Excuse me.

Friday, February 20, 2009

20 Random Things About Me

Yeah, I think I was tagged on this like a bajillion years ago, and since procrastination is my middle name, I'm finally getting to it:

1. When I lived in the Avenues in 2007 my friend Vanessa and I must have made at least 50 prank calls. All of them using different voices, names, and crazy quirks. We are prank call MASTERS!

2. I secretly want to be the person who brings out different guitars to the lead singer in a rock band. I think I'd make a GREAT guitar-giver-lady (especially to John Mayer).

3. When I clean I dance. I am a dance-cleaner. I do almost all my tasks to the beat of the song that's playing. I especially like vacuuming to 80's Rock.

4. I have a serious fear of not being able to get pregnant. I can't wait to be able to carry my own child that my husband and I created, and am so scared of never being able to experience this.

5. Up until I was 17 I was POSITIVE that I was going to be a star on Broadway.

6. I walked on the wrong side of the stage during my High School graduation. After my name was called and I got my diploma (more like the container that holds it), I found myself walking behind Jace Hansen and thinking, "Awe, crap!"

7. I love grape juice. If there is a container in the fridge in the morning, chances are it may be gone that night. (BTW-I'm drinking some right now). But here's the catch - I really only like Welch's grape juice. All the others are just not up to par.

8. Two weeks before my 8th birthday (or was is my 12th?? I don't remember...) I fell down my friend's staircase and sprained my ankle. I then insisted that I was okay and crawled home - 2 houses away - bawling my eyes out.

9. I love going to Summer concerts with my sister, Holly. Our first big concert was in 2002 when we saw John Mayer at Deer Valley. Since then we have been to at least 1 a year (including our weekend trip to Denver in 2005 to see John at the Filmore!)

10. I'm engaged to an awesome man named Bob. He's the We have awesome old-people names that will suit us awesomely when we're crazy and senile. Bob and Priscilla. Sweet.

11. I love reading crappy magazines while waiting to check-out at a grocery store. One time a checker made me buy a magazine because I had read so much of it.

12. I was named "Dancing Queen" at the end of a 26.2 hour dance marathon at the University of Utah.

13. As soon as I'm able to I'm getting a Golden Retriever and giving him a name from one of my favorite movies like "Charles De Mar" or "Kronk."

14. I have never been out of the U.S. Maybe Bob can help me with this for our honeymoon (wink, wink).

15. I got Mono in 9th grade and I had never kissed anyone. Medical mystery?

16. I can type 75 words per minute and I never took a typing class. I learned how to type through MSN Messenger. Trust me, when you have 7 different conversations going, you better be typing fast enough to keep up with them all!

17. I had a colonoscopy, an endoscopy, a CT scan, an ultrasound, and a gastric emptying study done all in the same month (May) last year to find out that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Did I mention that my 5'7" frame dropped down to around 105 pounds? Not the best month of my life...

18. I was kind of a class clown in school, and one of my professors sent me out of class for hiccuping. Seriously? Like I could control those!

19. I wear jeans for at least 3 days in a row. My philosophy is this: If you can't see the dirt, keep on wearing them. No one notices anyway.

20. It took me three days to finish this post because I kept doing other things and loosing interest.

So there you have it! Do you feel like you have a huge insight into Cilla? You should.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Walking Flu"

Okay, so I know my title is not a real condition, but after this weekend I think it should be. I swear that I have something I've so awesomely coined "The Walking Flu" (think of Walking Pneumonia...). Anywho, so I'll go through periods of a couple hours where I feel great, and then all of a sudden I'm boiling up and feeling nauseous! That'll last for a little while, and then I'll feel fine again. This is soooo annoying!!! At least my dizziness is a constant, but who wants to feel like they just got off the Teacups all day long? I hate getting really sick, but I wish my body would make up its mind. You're either sick or you're not, Cilla-body! Half-way is just not cutting it for me. At least if I was really, really sick I could stay in bed and not feel guilty about it. But no...I'm feeling just good enough to come to school and do homework.


Yeah, this is me right now...except I'm not a dude, and that should say "flu" not "cold"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rock the U 2009!!!

Elyse & Priscilla during "Rock Hour" Rock the U 2008!

I LOVE this event. Once a year the University of Utah has a 26.2 hour dance marathon to raise monty for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. I did it last year and had a BLAST! It truly was a once in a lifetime experience...that I'm doing again! Wahoo!

This year will be different, though. My fundraising strategies will be more creative, influencial, and persuasive. So here's my first plan of attack:

I vow here and now to NOT SIT DOWN DURING THE ENTIRE 26.2 HOURS if Rock the U can raise $100,000!!!

This is serious business, folks! Not only will I be standing for a crazy amount of time, I will be DANCING LIKE A MANIAC the entire day (well, for the exception of eating, and the occasional Guitar Hero of course)...

But this amazing feat of awesomeness will only occur if we can get generous individuals to donate! So please let everyone you know about Rock the U, and the crazy plan Cilla has for not sitting down. Talk to your families, friends, coworkers, classmates, ANYONE! Donations of any amount will help us reach the $100,000 goal!

Also, anyone over the age of 18 is able to participate! You need not go to the U to join this great cause!

So have I convinced you yet? Hopefully I have! So here are the links to Rock the U:

Rock the U Website:

Cilla's Fundraising Page:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hey Milton, What's Happening?

I stole the stapler from work. It was my stapler, and money was withheld from my paycheck and I took my Swingline home, and um I did not receive three days of my pay and I would really like my paycheck, and that stapler is mine because my first boss bought it for me so I'm taking it home.

Seriously, folks. I totally took my Swingline stapler when I left the Museum. It may not be red, but it is mine.