Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Walkin' For Breast Cancer: Mammo-Grammies Style!

On Saturday the 11th, the Hansen ladies got together with Mom's coworkers to participate in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. This was my third year walking, and as always, it was buckets of fun. Sure there was enough pink and Estrogen to make us all crave chocolate and potato chips for 2 days after, but it's always nice to gather together for a good cause.

Team Name: Mammo-Grammies
Team Goal: Stay warm while walking around Liberty Park.
Team Mission: Save the Ta-Ta's!
Team Motto: "Saving second base one step at a time." 
...okay so maybe we didn't officially have a mission or motto, but deep down I'm sure this is what we were all the same time...we are related after all...
One a more serious note, I truly was so happy to participate in this event again. Many women close to me have experienced Breast Cancer, include my Grandma Blanche. Every bit of money we raise helps find a cure and help prevention. To those who have suffered in some way from Breast Cancer, my heart is with you. 

.::In Memory of Blanche Hansen::.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Trees!

Last Sunday, Bob and I went up to his cabin to hang out by the fire, snack, and watch General Conference. I was in HEAVEN!!! As most of you know from my previous post, Fall is my favorite season. I could stare at leaves and trees all day long, and the drool seeping down my chin would flow at maximum levels.

I made Bob drive on the way up so I could do such a thing. Like a over-excited pup, I plastered my face against the window to take in as much beauty as I could. Bob was a good sport while I constantly distracted him by saying, "Ooh! Look at those guys!" And, "Seriously, that little grouping right there is the best!" He was even nice enough to wipe up the slobber I left on the glass after the drive.

In between sessions, we watched The Swan Princess. HOLY CRUMBS! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! I remember going to see it for, like, my 7th birthday or something, and then going through an entire notebook of paper as well as at least 2 containers of Crayola crayons drawing up what I still believe to be the best Odette ever! Man, I wish I knew where those artworks were now...

Anywho, it was a great day with the Bobo. Cilla love him long time! Here are some pics we took of the leaves, cabin, and us for your own personal "Ooohs" and "Ahhhs." Also, grab some plastic wrap to protect your keyboard if you have a gland problem like yours truly.

Even the river was sparkling with the new Fall leaves.
The mountain of many colors. You can even see the snow-capped peaks in this picture. Truly a sight to be-hold. [Said like the Asian guy on Better Off Dead]
A happy little patch of trees! Bob Ross would enjoy painting these guys.
The view from the porch. Pretty nice, eh?
I think this sight may have brought out some tears from the Cilla. It truly was that stunning.
Hehe... we had a gooood tiiime :)
Sneaky kiss! Aww...Bob's so cute when he's suprised!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sakoda Is My Homeboy

So the Utah-Oregon State football game last night was amazing!!! I mean, I truly have not experienced so many emotions at one time during a football game since the Holy War of 2006 (and please don't make me relive that horrid final play ever again).

There were two minutes left in the fourth quarter. The Utes were down by 8, and OSU fans were already celebrating a victory. Just when I thought the Utes would lose their winning streak to the crazy Halloween-colored team, Brian Johnson put his best QB skills to work to tie the game with a touchdown and two-point conversion. U-T-A-H Fight, Fight, FIGHT! Our defense also decided to get their heads in the game by stopping Oregon's following run. Yay defense! Once Utah gained possession of the ball, Johnson made it possible for us to get within field goal range. "No overtime for us!" I kept screaming to the fans closest to me. As the seconds clicked by, my fellow Utes and I screamed for a timeout. Finally a timeout was called to allow Utah one final attempt at beating the Beavers. Onto the field walked a calm, confident King Louie (AKA Louie Sakoda). With the ease that only comes with masterful kickers, Sakoda delivered a flawless field goal sealing the final score at 32-28 Utah.

Today I was constantly reminded of the intensity of my screaming as I continued to answer the Museum's phone sounding like Roz from 'Monster's Inc.' Yeah, I'm sexy. Anywhosie, I am so happy I was able to attend such a fun and exhilarating game yesterday. I slept like a baby while 'Utah Man' played through my head and lulled me off to dreamland.

Way to go, Utah! Your fans are beyond proud of you and the miracle you produced last night.