Friday, October 3, 2008

Sakoda Is My Homeboy

So the Utah-Oregon State football game last night was amazing!!! I mean, I truly have not experienced so many emotions at one time during a football game since the Holy War of 2006 (and please don't make me relive that horrid final play ever again).

There were two minutes left in the fourth quarter. The Utes were down by 8, and OSU fans were already celebrating a victory. Just when I thought the Utes would lose their winning streak to the crazy Halloween-colored team, Brian Johnson put his best QB skills to work to tie the game with a touchdown and two-point conversion. U-T-A-H Fight, Fight, FIGHT! Our defense also decided to get their heads in the game by stopping Oregon's following run. Yay defense! Once Utah gained possession of the ball, Johnson made it possible for us to get within field goal range. "No overtime for us!" I kept screaming to the fans closest to me. As the seconds clicked by, my fellow Utes and I screamed for a timeout. Finally a timeout was called to allow Utah one final attempt at beating the Beavers. Onto the field walked a calm, confident King Louie (AKA Louie Sakoda). With the ease that only comes with masterful kickers, Sakoda delivered a flawless field goal sealing the final score at 32-28 Utah.

Today I was constantly reminded of the intensity of my screaming as I continued to answer the Museum's phone sounding like Roz from 'Monster's Inc.' Yeah, I'm sexy. Anywhosie, I am so happy I was able to attend such a fun and exhilarating game yesterday. I slept like a baby while 'Utah Man' played through my head and lulled me off to dreamland.

Way to go, Utah! Your fans are beyond proud of you and the miracle you produced last night.


Rachel E. Smith said...

Oh my goodness! Was that not the most amazing game EVER?! Louie Sakoda.. mm mm MM! Amazing. I pity anyone who missed it.

<3 Ang said...

lol... like roz frm monsters inc.... super sexy cilla