Monday, August 24, 2009

Reason #2 Why Summa-Oh-Nine Was So Divine!

After the honeymoon Bob and I had oodles and kaboodles of adventures in Utah.

We oohed and aahed on Independence Day.

Bob and I battled it out during a serious game of Mini Golf. Bob won...barely.

We spent a friggin' hot day finding what fun is at Lagoon with Mike Simmons and Nate Birth.

We went camping in Island Lake in the Uintas. We hiked in 3 1/2 miles with all our stuff and my shoulders divorced me. After some consoling, they finally decided to rejoin Team Priscilla and the weekend was a wonderful adventure of fishing, swimming, and cliff jumping.

 The future Ivan and Ashley Yordinov prepping to go off the "High Dive."

I'm dead sexy. Sexily dead. Dying of sexiness.
Documentation of the jumping. Sorry the vid's sideways...I can't figure out how to turn it. Enjoy that cranked neck!

Jeff Panos came to test his guts. He chickened out like three others...myself included. SCARIEST THING EVER!! (And hurts your butt if you land wrong. I learned this from last year's jump).

Bob, Ashley, and Chaz opted to ride to shore. Water. Friggin. Freezing.

One night I had to pee and it was raining outside. So plastic Priscilla squatted outside the tent door. In the rain. In a yellow plastic poncho. Just TRY and be cooler than me. I dare you.

Man, my life is so spectacularly super!

Reason #1 Why Summa-Oh-Nine Was Mighty Fine:

We went to Cancun, Mexico and had had amazing adventures! (Haggling mexicans and the awesome buses not pictured).

We left lookin' good
and driving in style!
We stayed in a sweet hotel on the beach,

wore some sexy Mexican attire,
And had crisp beverages with our chips and salsa!
We visited Chicken Pizza (AKA Chichen Itza),
and snapped photos of the hotel by the ruins.
We swam in an underwater cave,
And flew high in the sky!

We had some much-needed R&R,

ate some good food,

and found this leather bed outside our motel (ewe!)
We looked HOT in our snorkle gear,

And even hotter in our fishy-safe sunscreen.

We had an amazing week in paradise,

And I was once again reminded that my head does not qualify for "One Size Fits All" items.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I WIN!!!

MuaHahaha! I win $5.00 from my hubbie! 1 month without changing my blog! Are you as shocked as I am? Crazzzzyyy! Here I go off to find a new, fantastic background. Weee!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I haven't had a full night's rest in 4 days. Once I'm awake my mind races until it's time to get up the next morning. All my worrying is making my stomach hurt. I don't feel like eating, but I find it harder to sleep if I'm hungry. I'm keep telling myself not to worry about things but I can't help it. I'm a worrier. Once I start thinking about things it's really hard to stop.

I'm exhausted.

My tummy hurts.

I'm yawning so hard tears stream out of my eyes.

But here I am unable to nap.

Oh how I hope that a sleeping pill helps tonight.