Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wingardium Leviosa!

I saw this at 1:00pm today:

Oh my gosh, I was so giddy to see the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I remember reading this last book in my apartment in the avenues back in...what was it? 2006? I read all day and night after it came out until I finished at 5am. I gotta tell you, I cried way too much during the book. When I finally flipped the last page I may or may not have even cried myself to sleep. Here's where you don't judge me too harshly. It was the end of a long journey with me and my many friends in the wizarding world.

Harry Potter and his gang have been a big part of my life. The first book came out when I was the same age as Harry, Ron and Hermione. I even remember pronouncing Hermione's name 'Her-me-own' (hey, I didn't know how it was supposed to be pronounced so I tried my best!) My friend, Kristy Richards, introduced me to the first book before it became ridiculously popular. We would talk about it - just the two of us - not knowing that it would become the big success it is now. Each time a new book came out I couldn't wait for the next adventure.

I truly am a ginormous nerd. I've been all sad today after seeing the show because I'm not a witch. My life seems so boring compared to Harry's. Sure, he almost dies in every book, but I could go for some adventure right now! I think I just may have to read the entire series again. What will this be? The third time around? Bring it on!

And for those of you thinking that there are so many other books of academic excellence out there that can enlighten my mind much better than H.P. - shut it! I love Harry Potter and I'm not afraid to admit it! I don't think I will ever get tired of reading those books. Ever. I can't wait until I have kids and they get old enough for me to read the books to them. If she wrote a book about Harry & friends as adults I would read them in a second [wink, wink, J.K].

Well, back to my dull life of school and work.

This sucks.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Final Countdown

No, this will not be another blog in which I rewrite all the words to different songs. Sorry to have put you through that last time. No, no, this blog will be a happy ranting about the end of the semester. (Happy ranting? Indeed.)

There are 4 more weeks left in this semester.


[Enter panic mode...Now]

I cannot believe that this semester is coming to an end. Even more, I can't believe I have so much to do before Christmas break. My list contains 5 exams, 2 projects, 1 presentation, 1 paper and 1 Saturday class.


Thank goodness Thanksgiving and my birthday fall somewhere in that mess!

Aside from the crazy 4 weeks that lie ahead of me, I am so excited to finish this semester. I can't wait to get more clients next semester. I have loved working with my little client these past couple of months. Ahh... 2011. It's sure to be a good year.

In other news, Maggie is still growing. As much of a pain as she was when she was little, I really miss the little fur ball that wobbled all over our apartment. She's pretty awesome now, but definitely not as...uh...poofy as she once was. I like poofy puppies.

And with that, I leave you with this hilarious video of little Maggie playing with Ginny (who has since gone to a better home in Idaho).

Ohhhh!! The fuzzy cuteness of it all!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sing, Sing A Song!

Well, folks, after 8 weeks of breakouts all over my chin from constant stress, I finally feel like I'm getting a hang on graduate school. I have survived 3 tests and made it through a lot of time-consuming projects. I have transitioned from being a passive observer in clinic to taking data, writing reports and even planning a few activities. I have noticed my stress level decline as I have found a great balance between school and life. I'm feeling happy and healthy. I feel good. I knew that I would. So good, so good, I ain't feeling blue!

buh, Buh, BUh, BUH YEAH!!

Here is my breakthrough formula for graduate school success:

7-8 Hours of Super Slumber-ful Sleep
It does wonders for those bags under my eyes and caffeine cravings! I welcome Mr. Sandman to bring me a dream, to make him the cutest that I've ever seen. Please build up my self esteem with your magic beam, Mr. Supreme. Seriously, Mr. Sandman, bring me a kick-butt dream that doesn't make me scream. Or make me wake up sweaty. Does this happen to anyone else? Anyone? Anyone? Nope? Just me? ...Awkward...

More Fun Times Full of Joy and Joyness With the Bobby Boy
Specifically? Having impromptu pouncing and wrestling matches, taking Maggie on walks and watching her spash all the other dogs at Tanner Park (she hasn't quite got the doggy paddle down and does more of a 'panic paddle'), and watching Doctor Who when we both know we should be studying. I just love my hubs. Is it in his chest? Oh no, no, no, it is not. In the way he's dressed? Oh no, that's just his ascot*. If you [shoop] wanna [shoop] know [shoop] why [shoop] he [shoop] loves [shoop] me [shoop] so it's in his kiss. That's where it is! Oh yeah!

Daily Jamming To Female Power Ballads
I have found great stress release by rocking out at work, inbetween classes, and while driving home to some good tunes. Any upbeat song will do, but I can't get enough of female power ballads. If you know me well, you know that I will listen to the same song over and over and over again. So you better believe that I've been listening to the same few songs continuously for the past few weeks. I can't quite seem to get these lyrics out of my head:

Til now I always got by on my own
I never really cared until I met you
But now it chills me to the bone
How do I get you alone?

Sheesh, Heart. All you have to say is, "would you like to be alone with me?" What a silly question.

We can't afford to be innocent
Stand up and face the enemy
It's a do or die situation
We will be invincible

Clearly this song is all about surviving grad school. Cleary.

There are a few more tunes running around in that noggin of mine, but I think this post has put plenty of songs in your head. I'm going to head to bed, get up tomorrow and take Maggie to get spayed. I feel bad for the furry little lady. She's never gonna be a puppy momma. Thank goodness songs can fix those sad times! Here's my Maggie song:

(Bob would like to mention that he helped write this song. We are talented folk, we are).

Maggie Dooooooog
She's not a vegetarian
(Maggie Dog, Maggie Dog, Maggie Dog)
Maggie Dooooooog
Sometimes she eats carrion
(Maggie, NO! Maggie, NO! Maggie NO!)
She loves us home
She hates to be alone
She likes red meat
And she sure likes the bone!

*Bob does not wear ascots....yet.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Skool Eated Me

Notice how I haven't posted anything in a long time on here? Yeah, grad school ate me. Luckily, it spit me back up for a couple weeks to catch my breath. Next week is the all glorious, beautifully wonderful Fall Break. I cannot tell you how much I need a week off from school. Granted, I have 2 tests (1 on Monday, 1 on Tuesday) right after we get back, but the break will still be fantastic. I love school breaks. Remember how I met my Bob on Spring Break a couple years back? Awesome. Breaks are full of opportunities. Camping? Maybe. Lagoon? A good possibility. Sleeping in and taking lots of naps? Definitely. I suppose I'll have to throw in some studying here and there, too.

I survived my first grad school test. It was hard. Really hard. I studied my brains out, and spent close to 2 hours to finish an exam only worth 50 points. Did I mention that we can only miss 10 points to pass the test? If we get lower than 40/50 we have to retake it. Yikes! I'm praying so hard that I passed. The test was bad enough the first time around. A second time could possibly kill me.

Aside from classes keeping me busy, working in the clinic is awesome. I am a student apprentice this semester, and it is wonderful to finally be doing something hands-on. I feel like I am learning a lot from the second year clinician. It's nice to be reminded why I am spending a truck-load of money on this education.

Speaking of graduate school, I've been gaining weight this semester. I've been pretty small my entire life and am now freaking out that my waist is all squishy. A bunch of my clothes aren't fitting anymore. Last week I went to put on some really cute pants to wear to the clinic and I couldn't button them up! After sulking for about 3 minutes, I grabbed some khaki pants to wear. Guess what? These ones barely buttoned up, too! They looked painted on they were so tight. My behind has definitely grown a few inches...and maybe my hips, and definitely my waist, and my (cough, cough) chest. I'm not so sad about that last part (and I'm sure Bob's not too sad about it either), but all the rest makes me quite upset. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mind gaining a few pounds. I feel like I look stronger when I'm not skin-and-bones. What upsets me is when good clothes don't fit anymore. I'm usually happy wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and tennies, but I have to dress-up for clinic. I don't really have the money to purchase a new wardrobe because my life has become sedentary. Oh the sadness.

So after weeks and weeks of whining to Bob about my squishy-ness sin pregnancy (I really do fear that my tummy looks like I'm newly pregnant. Trust me. I'm not), we've decided to both get in better shape. The remedies?

No more soda.

Wow. This may truly be the hardest thing for me to cut out of my diet. I love soda. I crave soda. In the middle of a 3-hour class I'm dying for a bit of caffeine. I am almost through my 3rd day without any high-sugared beverage and am going strong. Wish me luck!

Next on the list: become more active.

I don't have a ton of time to go to the gym. With class, work, clinic, and home life, stopping by the Fieldhouse seems out of the question most days. I usually go to Zumba on Wednesdays with my good friends Andrea and Kassidy, but have missed it the last two weeks due to, shock!, school. So from here on out I will plan studying accordingly to make it to Zumba each week. Besides getting some exercise, it is a good stress release from my crazy life. Aside from Zumba, I'm attempting to do something, anything active each day. If that means doing jumping jacks in my living room, so be it. I had some extra time today, so Maggie and I went on a long walk around the neighborhood. The weather was perfect for a good stroll, and Maggie came home and slept while Bob and I made dinner. Good stuff.

So that's pretty much it for now. I am alive, and most days that's good enough for me. Bob is rocking law school, as always. Maggie is growing, and so much fun to have around. We are really, really, really, really, REALLY busy, but happy.

Goodnight, Internet. I'm going to watch Simpsons and cuddle with my furry child and tubular hubby.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

In My Next Life I Wanna Be a Dog

How are fish able to swim upstream to spawn? I mean, granted, the continuation of their species depends on it, but why upstream? What's so bad with finding a nice little pond downstream to make new fishies?

I kinda feel like a fish right now. Swimming my little heart out to get up the next waterfall. I'm not sure how much progress I'm making. Dang waterfalls. Just when I manage to wiggle my way up one (and trust me, it's a daunting task), there is another one waiting just around the river bend...

"Waiting just around the river bend! I look once more, just around the river bend, beyond the shore, somewhere past the sea. Don't know what for...why do all my dreams extend just around the river bend?"

It's okay, Pocahontas. I'm right there with you. You and life, me and grad school. Let's be friends.

(But I should let you know now that when my hair blows in the wind I don't have blue streaks in it like you. Hopefully this doesn't make you think less of me.)

I'm pretty sure that in my next life I'd like to be a dog (granted, I don't believe in reincarnation, but hey, let's pretend, eh?). Maggie doesn't spend every available moment reading, highlighting, and scribbling in 4 ginormous, expensive textbooks. I go to bed each night around 1am about to pass out from exhaustion. Maggie takes approximately 5 naps a day and is out cold by 10pm. I worry about anything and everything ahead of me in grad school. Maggie only worries about whether she can get away with eating one more fallen apple from the front yard tree.

Better yet, can I be a dog now? Graduate school in Speech-Language Pathology is keeping me so busy. Too busy. Every day after class, work, and clinic I plop down on the couch and work, work, work. But even after spending 5+ hours each night studying I feel like I barely make any progress. Stupid waterfalls.

So when does this get easier? When do I finally go to sleep feeling like I have 'caught up' with school work? Will I ever reach the elusive pond that brings job security, a steady salary and benefits? Let's hope so. I guess I signed up for this educational marathon the day I received my acceptance letter. By accepting the offer to attend grad school I accepted the stress, sleep-deprivation and frustration that comes with the territory. I suppose I should press forward and tackle grad school with my highlighter held high!

Still doesn't change the fact that I'd rather be napping in my crate than sitting through a three-hour class right now...

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Priscilla Neve
University of Utah Graduate Student
Speech-Language Pathology
Class of 2012

Even though I felt silly taking this picture, it was necessary to document my first day as a grad student. Do I look more grown up?
It begins. The next two years will be filled with reading, researching, writing, staying up late, studying, and spending time in the clinic. I think I'm ready. I hope I'm ready. I better be ready.

I am feeling: excited, nervous, anxious, worrisome, tired, happy and broke.

The first week of school was: a new adventure at the University I know and love.
I am wondering about: whether or not I want to write a Thesis. Talk about a lot of work.

I look forward to: seeing clients in the clinic and finally getting the hands-on instruction I've been anticipating.

I am most worried about: not being able to give Bob, Maggie, my family and friends the attention they deserve as school starts taking over my life. Oh, and getting pregnant before school is over.

I hope that: when I graduate I can say that I worked hard, learned a lot and am ready to begin my career as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Here I come!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blisters Are Inevitable

I love hiking. I also like camping. I love exploring and seeing new things with my hubby and good friends. It took all summer, but we eventually had an awesome trip to Zions two weekends ago.

August 12, 2010: The Left Fork of North Creek (AKA The Subway)

I have some pretty awesome friends who were able to get permits to hike The Subway in Zions. We packed up, drove to Cedar City Wednesday night, and met up with a group of 17 people to get our adventure on. Bob and I only knew a few of the fine hikers, but we all got along really quickly.

The Subway was amazing. It includes a smorgasbord of terrain. You begin in the forest, move on to rock, make your way down a steep hill to drop into the canyon, and start wading in the river. Bob and his friend, Chris, were trying to find the way down into the canyon for the group. Bob lost his footing when the trail got ridiculously steep and rocky, and took quite the spill. His left shin has a huge gash down the front of it. Eek. Luckily, he was a sport and managed to press on through the rest of the weekend. After crawling down the side of a cliff, you find yourself lowering down via rope into more water, swimming through said water, squeezing through some tight slots, repelling down a rock face, and sliding down waterfalls. The hike ends by switching back and forth from the river to sand, and heading straight up the mountain to get back to parking.

I gotta say, I cursed that last ascend out of the canyon. After spending a day moving and grooving, the last thing I wanted was to hear my calves cry at the end. Other than that, it was a blast! We met some awesome people, and had a heck of a time. I can't wait until I can do it again! Please enjoy these awesome pics.

The Entrance to The Subway

A Tight Spot...

Beautiful Red Rock. Yay For Southern Utah!

Looks a Little Like A Subway, Eh?

One of Many Waterfalls

Adventure is Out There! (In the Subway, To Be Specific)

After our fun-filled hike we grabbed some [overpriced, but yummy] grub, and camped under the stars. Believe me when I say I saw around 10 shooting stars when I woke up at 4am to tinkle.


It sucks being a girl in the wilderness. Do you know how hard it is to take care of business without a toilet? If guys have to go, all they have to do is walk off the trail and go. Girls? We have to alert the whole hiking crew, find the perfect cover (usually in the form of a rock or tree), make sure there isn't anything poisonous or spiky nearby, set two people on guard and squat while making sure your feet are as far apart as possible so you don't get piddle on your shoes. We have to dig a whole, wipe and bury everything so the next hiker doesn't come across your little relief station.


Now, back to your originally scheduled programming:

August 13, 2010: Angels Landing

Less that 24 hours after finishing up in the Subway, the crew (minus 4 who left after the hike) ventured into Zions to hike the one and only Angels Landing.

Buh ba ba BAAA!!!

We were all tired and sore from the day before, but nothing would stop us from conquering this mountain. I'm happy to say we all survived. Every year, people die on Angels Landing when they fall off the edge. I kept saying a prayer in my head that no one would get hurt. My prayers were answered, and we all did just fine. I love Angels Landing. Despite the fact that the trail feels as if you are going up an 80 degree ramp to your death, it is really fun...

Except Walter's Wiggles. They are the devil and NOT fun.

See What I Mean?!

Other than that, good times were had by all. Here are pictures to back up this statement:

Fall From Angels = Sudden Death

And Here's a Sign Just in Case You Weren't Already Scared

That's a LONG Drop!

Group "Goofy" Shot

We Did It!

I always feel so accomplished when I reach the end of a hike...especially one like Angels Landing. After you make up up Walter's Wiggles, the real fun begins. Chains have been bolted to the rock to assist you as you scale your way to the top. There are some places where one or two wrong steps could send you in a free fall off the cliff edge. It is such an exhilarating hike! I'm am always shocked when I see these young kids that parents bring up the hike. They must be fearless (I'm talking about the parents here). I have the feeling I'm going to be a neurotic mom. I don't think I'd let my kids hike Angels until they were at least 12...or 20.

Speaking of little kids, this couple made it to the peak with a 10 month old baby!! Are you freakin' kidding me? I was shocked, folks. The dad carrying the babe must be extremely sure of his balance. I would never, ever ever ever take a tiny squishy up that hike. Sometimes the things people do boggle my mind.

Anywho, the trip was a blast. I was sad to have to go home. I always tend to have separation anxiety from all the people I'm around on trips. Thank goodness I still have Bob here! Oh, and, it was good to come home and play with my Maggie girl.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who Cut the Cheese?

Maggie did.

Four times.

In the last hour.

I've taken her outside twice.

No poopy.

Why is my dog so smelly right now?

Monday, July 26, 2010

It's So FLUFFY!!!

That's right folks. Your kind words full of love and joy and joyness helped me to decide to keep on bloggin'. So here we go:
Bob and I got a furry little thing at the beginning of June. She's black, slobbery, and loves the water. Who is this mysterious, new addition to our family?

Meet Miss Maggie

'Squishy', as we call her, was born on March 31, 2010. We got her at a wee 9 weeks old. I can't believe I haven't talked about her yet! Anywhosie. She is a pure black lab/golden retriever mix. Both parents were fancy-smancy hunting dogs who...cough, cough... got a little friendly in the woods.

We have sure had our fair share of little trials with her:

1. Swallowing a large, sharp, hard piece of plastic at 11 weeks old. (This led to being up all night, puking at 5am, and continuing to throw up the entire day until we ended up at the vet. Yay).

2. Dealing with weeks of 'soft serve' poopy (I know you're just dying to hear all this!). We were feeding her Iams Smart Puppy. Bad choice. It turns out Iams has corn and a lot of animal byproducts in it. Corn can be hard for puppies to digest. So after two more weeks of 'fun' we got her all switched over to Kirkland Puppy. Not only is it better for her, but it is significantly cheaper. Hurrah!

3. As always, there were a few accidents in the house. Crate training has helped sooooo much. She got house broken in a snap, and hasn't had any accidents for a good long time.

4. Puppy razor teeth. Enough said.

Aside from the puppy craziness, she is so much fun to have around. Nothing is better that coming home to a furry little animal who is wiggling with joy to see you. She has helped us stay in shape. To tire her out in the evening or morning, we take her on walks around the neighborhood. It's good for us, and good for her, too.

I love being a dog owner. This weekend Bob and I went up to Manuta (by Brigham City). She joined us walking around the reservoir, fishing and swimming.

Most of all, she gives me a taste of mommy hood without the total baby responsibility (you can't leave a baby at home in a crate 5 hours each day, that's for sure). I don't feel quite as baby hungry anymore. I've got a new baby of my own to take care of...

...she's just covered in fur...and walks on four legs...and has a tail...

Anywho, I promise I won't become a puppy mommy blogger. For those who have the same reaction I do to puppies (i.e. oohhohohoho!!! puppy puppy! gimme! gimme!!) Here are a handful of pictures to hold you off for a while.

I'm adorable!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Goodbye Blog?

I've been considering deleting this blog. I just don't feel like I have much to say anymore. Life is pretty simple right now: wake up, eat, work, play, sleep. I also don't have anyone that I'm keeping updated through my blog (unlike my other friends who live in other states and use blogging to keep their families informed on their little chitlins). I ain't got none babies, and I ain't gonna become a puppy mommy blogger. I don't even think anyone in my family reads this. Ha! Funny, funny. Anywho, I'm just not seeing the benefits of blogging right now. Grad School will most likely take all extra blogging time, too.

Well, this may or may not be goodbye. I haven't decided just yet. We'll see.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am usually pretty good at accepting change. I like to keep my mind open. New things bring new experiences and new adventures. After watching Up! (my new favorite animated movie), I've decided to adopt Charles Muntz's famous slogan:

Adventure is out there!

...Because it is. Adventure is not found sitting on your behind in front of the television (unless you are watching Survivor, but that show is sooooo 10 years ago). Adventure is found by meeting new people, going new places, and taking new chances.

I am not going to learn and grow without change. So I welcome it. With open arms. Most of the time. But, as of late, there has been one pill that has been hard for me to swallow: not seeing old friends anymore.

I miss my friends. All my friends.
I miss my first best friend, Melinda. I miss playing Indiana Jones on her swing set. I miss playing Power Rangers on my trampoline and making up the "Purple Ranger" because neither of us wanted to be the yellow ranger. (I'm pretty sure we weren't racist, she just wasn't as cool as Kimberly). I miss tying barbies to chair legs with colorful pipe cleaners because they had been captured by the evil villian, Nicholas. I miss our Jasmine Jammies.

I miss my elementary friends. I miss spending every recess, every day on the swings. I miss the innocence of youth. I miss spending all summer at the Coburn's house making dozens of music videos, talk shows, cooking shows, and quality movies. I miss being able to play all day because work had not entered our lives yet. (I wish I had some pictures of us, but I can't find any. Trust me when I say we were all pretty cute. The awkward Jr. High years hadn't attacked us yet). 

I miss my junior and high school friends. I miss getting dressed up for football games. I miss hanging out during lunch eating our disgustingly greasy pizzas or tasty bread sticks. I miss playing night games. I miss asking, answering, planning, and attending school dances. I miss being a teenager with the best group of guys and gals that anyone could ask for.I miss my drama friends. I miss spending all day in the drama room. I miss laughing at anything and everything. I miss spontaneously quoting lines from plays and watching other students look at us like we're crazy (because we are). I miss swearing with Adam because it's "Just Acting." I miss being around other goofballs just like myself knowing that no one is judging you. I miss being able to express myself on stage with amazing friends. 

I miss my gang of college friends. AKA "The District". You know who you are: Elyse, Andrea, Eric, Rick, Krista, Brammer, Emily, Will, Emilee, Kariann, Kim, Dave, Melissa, Clayton, Amanda, Laura, Michaeljohmdavid, Chad and Liz. I miss playing Ultimate Frisbee on the beach in La Jolla. I miss spontaneous get-togethers. I miss watching movies at Liz's house (especially when spending all day and night together watching the entire Star Wars collection). I miss seeing each other on campus and being WAY TO EXCITED about it. I miss all of us being together.

I miss all the friends I made when in the LDS sorority at the U. They were all so much fun, and I truly miss not seeing them all once a week. Whether we were friends waaay back when, or hung out at one point or another in college. I miss you, too.

I miss all my friends who have moved to new places to pursue career opportunities or for education purposes. I miss friends who have gotten married and have new things going on. I miss never seeing anyone I used to. I hate that as we've all grown up, new things have come upon us that pull us apart.

I wish I could have one week to spend with all my past friends. And I mean, truly spend time with them. None of this see-each-other-for-an-hour-or-two-at-a-wedding-shower-deal.

Please call me. Please send me an email. I don't know if you caught it, but I miss you.

Aside from all this missing of friends, I do love my life right now. Bob is a great husband and Maggie is a fun, furry companion. We spend a lot of time with family members and each other. He is a great best friend, and I'm happy that I don't have to be missing him like I miss everyone else.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Holy Doppelgangers, Batman!

I have often received comments from friends and others that many members of my family look like celebrities. It makes me laugh. We all have doppelgangers.

[As a side note, did you know that in folklore, a doppelgagner is a gostly double of a living person, often perceived as a sinister form of bilocation? They are also regarded as omen of bad luck.]

Yikes! So apparently my family is a smorgasbord of celebrity doubles (minus the fame) living our innocent lives in Utah. I don't even want to imagine what would happen if we ran into each other. Surely some crazy split in the space-time continuum would forever alter the lives of the residents on Earth from that time forward.
Putting panic aside, let's analyze these doppelgangers, shall we?
Starting with the top of the family:

Dad. People have said he looks like Sean Connery. A good ten years back or so we were walking around in Tijuana and some guy stopped my dad and said, 'Sean Connery! Sean Connery!' My dad had to try and convince this guy that he was not the super sexy Sir Sean. It gave us a good laugh that this guy was completely convinced that Sean Connery had decided to take a spontaneous trip to the classy Mexican city of Tijuana.

On to my Momma. At first when I wrote this blog I couldn't figure out who my mom looked like. Thanks to my awesome sister, she reminded me that she used to get told she looks a lot like Barbra Streisand pre-nose job. (My mom got sinus surgery a couple years back and straightened her nose so now the resemblance isn't quite as close). Still, when looking at pictures of Babs with shorter hair, there is definitely a match there.

Next in line in our look-alike contest is my sister, Holly. A friend of mine in high school swore that she was Molly Shannon's twin. He even resorted to calling her Molly instead of Holly. Coincidence that their names rhyme? I think not. Another bit of fun trivia for you all: Molly is a comedian, and my sister is hilarious. Seriously folks, if you read the old blog that we had together It Has Raisins In It, you will see that she has some serious wit. So here are the picture comparisons...see the resemblance?

Jordan. Or should I say Freddie Prinze, Jr? In my opinion this is the biggest doppelganger of the family. When I was in Jr. High and Jordan was in High School a lot of my girlfriends had crushes on him. One even wrote in my yearbook, "Your brother, Freddie, is so hot!" Umm...thanks. I'm his sister, it kinda makes me uncomfortable that you mention that my brother is hot in my yearbook. Weird. Anywho, one year Jordan went to EFY and a girl came up to him completely in shock that "Freddie" was in Idaho. Jordan played along, and, as always, was the hottie of the week. But how could he not be when there was this big of a resemblance (disregard the fact that I'm in this picture...focus on Jordan, not young Cilla)

And for the grand finale, Yours Truly. Even though she is 16 years my senior, I get people telling me all the time that I look like Tina Fey. In fact, my friends just went to see "Date Night" with Tina Fey and Steve Carell and said, "You were great in the movie, Cilla!" It makes me happy that my doppelganger is a funny, talented lady. I really like Tina Fey and am happy to have her be my presage of bad luck. What do you guys think?

So there you have it. My crazy doppelganger family. I guess that if Sean Connery and Barbara Streisand got together and had babies they would look like Molly Shannon, Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Tina Fey. Nice. Now who wants to call Ellen and get us all on a show together?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am sick AGAIN. Same symptoms as the last two times: sore throat, aches, runny/stuffy nose, hacking cough. Something is seriously wrong with my body. I was sick merely 5 weeks ago, and 6 weeks before that. I have never been this sick before in my life. I usually only get sick once or twice a year. Did I mention I also currently have a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)? You won't be surprised to hear that I just got over one about 3 weeks ago. Everything is attacking all at once. And the really sucky thing about this whole situation?

No Heath Insurance!

For the exception of the UTIs, I just keep riding these illnesses out. I'm getting a little nervous that my sinuses are all funky and that I might need sinus surgery. My mom and I have the same nose structure (crooked, bumpy, and kinda weird looking), and she had sinus surgery about 10 years back because she kept getting sick. I hope I'm not heading in that direction. And even if I am, I'll have no way of knowing because I can't go see my doctor.

Another possible reason for these reoccurring illnesses has been presented: Chronic Mononucleosis. I was diagnosed with Mono in 10th grade after needing to sleep 12 hours each night just to get through my school day. The past year I have been chronically tired, and then these illnesses have started. I could sleep the day away if given the opportunity. All my symptoms match up to Mono. While it is very rare for Mono to reoccur, it is still a possibility.

So far, I have been sick in April, May and June. Hopefully the trend stops here. I have too much to do this summer to spend it on the couch sleeping the day away.

Who's willing to change immune systems with me? Anyone? Anyone?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So I am an official college graduate from the University of Utah. Yahoo! It's about time. I started school in the Fall of 2005, and spent almost every semester on campus. One of my diplomas came in the mail today. It looks so official next to Bob's 2 diplomas.
Back to graduation: I really didn't feel like sitting through 2 convocation ceremonies, so I just attended the convocation for my Communication Sciences and Disorders major. It was a fun experience. There were only 15 graduates from my major in the College of Health. Pretty tiny. We also were the first to get our names called. 'Twas nice. I actually took the time before the ceremony to curl my hair. Now that's impressive. I also wore my sweet and sassy yellow shoes from my wedding. 'Twas good. I was so happy to have my family there. They cheered super loud when my name was called, and it gave me BIG smiles.
Anywho, enough of my chit chat. Here are some pictures from the blessed event. My dad took a ton, but I have yet to get them from him.
Curling the hair. Trust me when I say this doesn't happen often.

Half of my graduating class. Future Speech-Language Pathologists or Audiologists in the making! Don't believe the look on Michelle's face (the one wearing the lei), we were all happy to be DONE!

Anne, Trevor, and me. Soo...uhh...who is the worst photographer in the world? The girl with half a face.

Notice how my hat is slouching to one side. Yeah, that's from wearing two tassels. Boo-yeah!
Oh, and my hubby is adorable!

Bob, Cilla, Bob's mama (Kare), and her husband, Thom. You can also see my amazing shoes in this pic :)

 My degrees!...and Chile Verde

My wonderful family (minus a few).

My good friend and classmate, Anne. What a babe!

Next time I'll be in cap and gown, I will be a graduate from the Masters Program in Speech-Language Pathology. Bob will also graduate from Law School at the same time. We can't wait. Two years until we are officially done with school. We can do it!

...I think...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ah, Life!

The past month has been beyond CRAZY! I am so behind on blogging, I get overwhelmed just thinking about it. We recently moved and were without internet for a couple week. On top of that, moving in itself is quite the feat and blogging has not been on the top of the To-Do list. Finally, we got a golden retriever/black lab puppy. She takes up a lot of time in the evenings and leaves little time for the internet. But I have high hopes of updating the blog ASAP.

Here is a list of posts to come. (I know you are all anxiously awaiting the updates!):

- Graduation from the University of Utah
- Oceanside, CA & Disneyland
- 1st Wedding Anniversary in Park City
- Moving!
- The Maggie Puppy

In the meantime, try not to die from anticipation from the awesomeness that is my life.

Friday, May 21, 2010


I am sick AGAIN! (Just FYI, I was deathly ill about 6 weeks ago). Okay, maybe not deathly, but there were many days I thought I would cough up both my lungs. It was lame. It sucked. But I recovered. Now here I am, 6 weeks later with goopedy goop clogging up my sinuses and dripping out my nose.

Where were you on that one, immune system?

I'm afraid someone has hacked into my immune system. I may be the victim of viral identity theft*. I have only recently come to realize the seriousness of V.I.T. and know I need to spread the word to others so they may not become victims! I have scripted the following Public Service Announcement to achieve this goal:

Good Afternoon,
I am Priscilla Neve, recent victim of viral identity theft. Every year, thousands of innocent individuals become prey to immune system hackers. V.I.T. is a serious problem that costs millions of dollars each year in medical bills and decreased work productivity. Only you can prevent this terrible ordeal from affecting you and those you love. Take the necessary precautions to ensure your immune system is as strong as possible. Make sure to upgrade your skin wear yearly, and check your health score daily. Take caution around others who sneeze, cough, and appear lethargic, for they are most likely the individuals to hack into your immune system. For those who have become victims of V.I.T. in the past, the only way to ensure full recovery of your identity is to invest in a sterile plastic bubble. Only once the body is away from contaminated air can the immune system be restored to its original owner. For information on how one can overcome V.I.T. using protective bubbles please refer to this website. Please spread the word about this horrendous new form of theft. After all, knowing is half the battle.

*V.I.T. was first identified by Mr. Chad Tagge, Biomedical Engineer

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celebration Song

I have a kick-ass tradition (Yes, I used the A-word. This tradition is THAT cool).

After I take my last final at the end of a semester, no matter where I am I listen and dance to Styx's Mr. Roboto.

The tradition started at the end of my second semester at the U in April 2006. (My grandma passed away at the end of my first semester, and I was just trying to get through it, let alone take time to celebrate once I was finished). As I was walking away from the classroom I felt overjoyed, nay, TRIUMPHANT! I was strolling along, listening to my lil' blue iPod Nano (totally old-school now) and Mr. Roboto came on.

It was beyond perfect.

The music poured through my body. First it started in my legs. It then moved to my torso, and finally to my arms. I started pumping my fist, randomly pointing in the air, movin' and groovin' to the beat. I didn't care who saw me, I was victorious! I had conquered my first year of college and was now celebrating by doing the robot in the middle of the University of Utah campus.

A tradition was born.

Since then, Mr. Roboto is my official song for all things that need celebrating. Though mostly saved for the prime end-o-semester victory dance, it also provides a boost of happiness at the finish line of any successful venture.

And today's dance was better than all the rest. I wasn't just celebrating the end of a semester. I was celebrating the end of an era. An era full of papers, textbooks, falling asleep in class, and pulling a few all-nighters to get that procrastinated assignment finished.

I am finally done with my undergraduate career.

With that wonderful, nay EPIC, statement, I leave you with the video that started it all.

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto. Domo, Arigato.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I know I said that I wouldn't be posting anything on here in the next little while, but I just got uber duber excited for graduation and decided that I need to write about it. (That and I don't want to be working on homework. Blogging is a great distraction).
I have been in college for 5 years, studied for tests in 44 classes, and have attended 13 semesters to earn 2 majors.

And I am almost done!

Two weeks from tomorrow I will be in the Huntsman Center on the University of Utah campus in cap and gown receiving my degrees (or at least the folders that will hold them after my grades come through). Wow. I can almost feel the relief that will rush through me as I know that I am done. Completely done. 100% DONE!

...for a while...

I start my graduate program in the Fall. August 23 to be exact. Hmm...was it the best idea to go straight from 5 years in my undergraduate to 2 more gruelling years in a graduate program? I suppose. After all, my program has 100% employment for their students after graduation. Plus, I truly love speech pathology and cannot wait to become a licenced SLP-CCC.

As much as I enjoy the time Bob and I spend in our little apartment, I look forward to the day we can move into our own house, paint it in fun, bright colors, buy matching furniture, and get an adorable puppy. I'd also like to go to the store and be able to buy raisins regardless if they are on sale and we have a coupon to go along with it. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Bob and I will always be bargain shoppers, but a splurge every once in a while sure sounds nice!

I look forward to not panicking each month waiting for 'ladies time' and wondering if I am pregnant. With both of us in school for another 2 years, a baby would be very hard to take care of right now. We don't have insurance, we live in a 1-bedroom apartment, and we do not make enough money to support a little one. I am excited to be a mom when the time is right, and unfortunately, that time won't be right until the fall of 2012 (at least). It just sucks that all my friends and siblings are having babies right now. It is making me REALLY baby hungry. Especially for a girl. But the time is just not right. All good things will come in time, and a baby and puppy go along with that.

Despite all the things to look forward to in the future, I am happy where I am now. I know that after Bob and I have kids our lives will never be the same. I am enjoying all the time that we are able to spend together just the 2 of us. We are taking this time to grow closer together and make our relationship strong. Life is good.

Oh boy, tangents are fun! Back to the point of this post: graduation. Still excited to be done. It makes me think back to my high school graduation. Now THAT was something to be excited about!
All that stands between me and graduation is 4 papers, 1 assignment, and 2 final exams. Now if I can only find the motivation to finish it all! One day at a time, right? Right! Now please excuse me as I go procrastinate some more on Facebook.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Good people of Utah, the time to rejoice has come upon us. The sun is beaming, the flowers are blooming, and I am smiling.

Spring is here!

(Hehe... I'm so funny)

I cannot guarantee my loyalty to this blog in the near future for I would prefer to spend my time in the great outdoors. The semester ends in a few weeks, and if you cannot find me rollerblading in Sugarhouse park, I'll most likely be typing up one of the 5 papers I have left before graduation. I'm sure I'll pop in every once in a while to catch you up on those random life happenings. Until then, I hope you all enjoy this amazing weather as much as I do.

Less than 1 month til I'm here. Oh boy, OH BOY!

Friday, April 2, 2010


In honor of Easter this year I will be breaking out my most amazing culinary skills to make the ultimate Easter-y treat:
(Aka: Peeps Sushi)

My coworker told me about this fun recipe and I just have to try it! The Easter Bunny will be so proud! Just be careful when making these. You will want to eat them all. Do not. The sugar rush just may kill you.

Here's what you need:

Here's how you make 'em:

Step 1: Slice around 1 1/2 inch wide rice krispy treats (packaged or homemade). Or just make them as wide as the fruit by the foot.

Step 2: Decapitate your peeps using a sharp cleaver knife. Cut off more neck than you think is appropriage. Don't be shy.

Step 3: Roll the rice krispies and fruit by the foot around the decpitated peep head (the head will stick out a little).

There is no art to these fine treats, just get creative and do what you need to to make things work. Check out the picture at the top for more Peepshi rolls you can try.
More a more detailed step-by-step guide, go to the Serious Eats website. They also have a lot of other tasty treats for you to try! ENJOY!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


This past month and a half has been agony waiting to hear back from the Graduate School at the U. The mailbox and I had become enemies as it would never produce that one letter. Well folks, the wait is finally over.

I have been accepted.

This fall I will begin my 2 year program at the University of Utah in Speech-Language Pathology. I am so excited! It will be a lot of work, but totally worth it! Also, Bob and I will be graduating at the same time. After that we can feel more comfortable starting a family, and possibly buying a house.

Our life is sure to be busy in the next little while, but we are ready to take it on! Not to mention the fact that we will be really really poor as we try to pay for two graduate programs. So if you ever want to invite us over for dinner, we will not hesitate to accept.

Monday, March 8, 2010

She's a Biter

A new habit has attacked me. When I get nervous, or am thinking REALLY hard, I bite. Well, more like gnaw. On the inside of my cheek. Today was especially bad...

I had a horrendous Hearing Science test today that wasn't too hard, it just required way too much thinking and reasoning through each problem. My little mind was banging on all cylinders as I was taking the test. About 3/4 of the way through I realize that I had been ferociously gnawing on the inside of my cheek. Thankfully I hadn't started bleeding yet, but still... the poor thing was getting really sore and just screaming out for help.

But once I start, I can't stop. I have to keep gnawing, and I don't know why! Even after I'm aware of the biting, I just keep making it worse.

Food helps, but only for a tiny bit. Right after I take the final swallow, I'm back to chewing the cheek. I'm like a friggin chinchilla today! What I really need is some gum to keep my jaws occupied, but alas, no one in the office has gum. Blast! Why have a suddenly become the gnaw master? I truly don't get it. I never used to do this before this school year.

I think I need to break myself of this habit. It is no bueno. I don't want my cheek being chewed to pieces...that can't be good for oral hygiene, I'm sure. But how do I break ties with the gnawing if I'm not even aware when I begin doing it? Hmm...maybe I'll just stick with the gum for now, and hope this constant chewing is just a phase.

Any suggestions, folks?

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Dirty Linens

I've been thinking lately that maybe being a Speech-Language Pathologist is not my true calling. I mean, sure it's the logical thing to do, but if for some reason I decide to throw all pragmatics out the window, I have an alternate future in mind:

***Kickin' Band Member***

Oh yeah, baby! I need to be in a band. I can see it now....

Priscilla enters stage left dressed in what can only be described as total awesomeness. She strolls to her scarf-laden microphone stand. Her sparkly, silver jumpsuit casts diamonds of shining light across the walls of The Depot. A scarlet red keytar hangs over her right shoulder; the strap covered by out-of-control, wickedly awesome blonde hair. As for makeup? A thick layer of black eyeliner compliments bright blue eyeshadow and deep red lipstick. A black, sequined vest, red scarf, and silver stiletto heels complete the ensemble.

She's ready to rock.

The crowd is thrown into a frenzy. Applause and cat calls echo back to the stage as the rest of the band strolls to the stage.

Drums: Michael 'The Mikester' David. 6'2", 170lbs of pure rhythm. Environmentalist by day he ensures that his band is always Earth-friendly. He prefers the purple spandex-open vest combo matched with a pair of black diesel sneakers and dark shades. His motto? Lurpiness is next to godliness.

Bass Guitar: Bobierto. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galatica. With wavy, shoulder-length hair, Bob keeps it simple: ripped jeans, shiny t-shirt, classic tennies. Given the 2009 award for sexiest hair, he is considered the 'pretty boy' of the band. Sorry girls, he's taken.

Lead Guitar: Kimbo. Despite Mike's pleadings, wailings, and temper tantrums, she loves her leather. Tight leather pants? Check. Suave leather jacket? Check. Sexy leather boots? Double check. Unnatural colors for leather? Many a check.

Priscilla grabs the microphone in her right hand, tossing a section of hair over her shoulder with her left.

"Hello Salt Lake City! Are you ready to rock?!"

[Utter hysteria from the crowd]

"I am Priscilla, this is my band, and together we make up


After performing a set of insanely awesome 80-influenced tunes, we are called back on stage for an encore. Linens! Linens! The crowd calls. Bob and Mike enter the stage first. Girls wail in the audience, throwing themselves at the two sweaty rockers. Guards quickly rush to restrian the women. Kim and Priscilla enter next, jogging into place to play their final song...
Oh boy, it would be fantastic. We'd be huge all over the world. Tours, interviews and morning shows would increase our fan base. We'd be the hottest thing since sunburn.

I'd expect one our group pictures to look something like this:

Please don't judge the outfits. We fired our manager shortly after this photo was taken.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Bucket List

I originally put this on the side of the blog, but decided it was worthy of its own post. Here is my list of things that I want to do before I kick the bucket (hopefully in many, many years from now). I'm sure I'll continue to add to it as I think of more awesome things I want to do in my lifetime.

1. Marry the coolest guy around (5.30.2009)

2. Get a graduate degree in Speech Pathology (5.3.2012)

3. Run a half-marathon

4. Feel a little one growing in my tummy

5. Watch my daughter in a dance performance

6. Become certified as a group fitness instructor

7. Get to my ideal BMI on Wii Fit

8. Buy a house

9. Get a furry puppy (6.1.2010)

10. Become a college professor

11. Get my undergraduate degrees in BSH & CSD (5.6.2010)

12. Fly a plane

13. Get laser eye surgery

14. Travel to Italy

15. Dance with my son at his wedding

16. Learn every word to "It's the End of the World as We Know It" by R.E.M.

17. Compete in a karaoke competition

18. Become an official 'soccer mom'

19. Be a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding

20. Read the entire Harry Potter series in 2 months

21. Hike the Grand Canyon

22. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary

23. Go on a cruise

24. See the Northern Lights

25. Overcome my paralyzing fear of snakes

26. Learn a second language

27. Swim with dolphins

28. Buy a brand new car (and not just new-to-me)

29. Finish a drawing of Laurel & Hardy that I started in 2005

30. Learn to surf

31. Actually catch a fish (10/2011)

32. See a musical on Broadway

Thursday, February 18, 2010


It's a weird sport.

But this is funny.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Flu: Day 3

So begins my third day reclining on the couch watching endless hours of mind-numbing television. This is not of my own free will, oh no, it is out of force. Some mysterious bug has entered my bod and wreaked havoc on my GI Tract. Where were you on that one, Immune System? Seriously! I'm thinking of trading you in for something new: a nice, shiny, plastic bubble. If you can't do the job, you will be replaced. I'm sick (haha, no pun intended) of your half a** job at keeping me healthy. Do you know what I missed this weekend? An awesome trip with 4 of my college friends. Free food and snowmobiling included. Yeah, thanks for nothing. Also, I spent all last night on the couch whining in pain after eating these amazingly delicious Hawaiian meatballs. Thank goodness I haven't thrown up yet. I truly think that throwing up is possibly the worst thing in the world. I think I'm wearing my sick body out just by trying not to puke every hour. Yuck! But I swear to you, Immune System, if I have to run to the bathroom in the middle of the Superbowl to lose my lunch, you and I are through!

Ugh...where's the Imodium?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Branching Out

Hi friends,

So I want to branch out from this little, personal blog to something different. Something more. I want to express myself in a less here's-what-I-did-this-weekend-style. I want a blog that can help people, amuse people, make people think. But what should I create? A [mostly] nonfictional account of my a story line format? An unorthodox advice column based on my random experiences and comments? Commentary on pop-culture? I am not one for crafts, or anything hands-on, so that's out of the question. It needs to be unique and interesting. All-Cilla, all the time. Less cutsie, more real-life.



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010. A Very Good Year.

So, no comments on my last post, eh? Too much reading for you guys? Well suck it up and read it already! Not like I'm demanding anything...just sayin' it's remotely clever and you might enjoy it. If you have time to read this little random-smandom post, you have stamina for the last. This I promise you (oh N'Sync, I miss you).

Onto other things:

1. I spilled Dr. Pepper all over myself at the beginning of class yesterday. I mean, ALL OVER. I swear the clerk shook the bottle while I wasn't looking. I must now plot my revenge against the employee at the cafe in the Marriott library.

2. I have been trying to finish my personal statement for graduate school for like 2 weeks and am struggling! How hard can it be to talk about myself? I mean, I'm doing it right now. Why can't I just create a letter like this:

***Disclaimer: If you are actually one of the individuals on the Admissions Committee for the master's program of Speech Pathology at the University of Utah, please do not accept the following ramblings as part of your consideration for my application. In no way should it be accepted as anything less than random blogging.***

Dear Graduate Admissions Committee,
I am a kick-butt student with way too much motivation for graduate school than should be allowed. I love talking, and want to help other individuals with their talking, so please let me stop talking and accept me into the program. I'm only applying to the U because I want to get in soooo badly (oh, and my husband is in law school at the U, so I'm kinda counting on this one application to be a success). So please send me that happy acceptance letter so I can prove to you all that I will be the best Speech-Language Pathologist in the world (setting my sights too high?). Okay, the city. We'll go with city. Also, I am awesome, and that should be all the information you need to let me in the program.
Cilla Neve

Alas, I actually DO want to get into the program, so a letter like this would pretty much kill any chance I have of being accepted. On the bright side, my letter is coming along nicely, I just want to make sure that I don't sound too arrogant or unenthusiastic about the graduate program (AKA the complete opposite of this letter). The end of the graduation process is just around the corner, and I am excited to take the next step in my educational career.

3. This is my last undergraduate semester and I couldn't be happier. I have a lot of motivation to do as best as possible this semester. I'm talking a 4.0, baby! I want it and I will do my very best to succeed.

4. Bob and I have been on a cooking spree lately. From homemade buttermilk doughnuts, to my personal favorite, Hamburger Pie (think Shepherd's Pie with beans instead of corn), we have been eating a delicious variety of made-from-scratch goods. It makes me happy to cook with Bob, and the result sure is tasty!

5. 2010 is the year to get this 23 year old body back as it was in High School. Dance company kept me fit as a fiddle back in the day, and now my stamina has greatly decreased. The regimen?

- Kickboxing Tues & Thurs for 45 minutes.
- Wii Fit Mon & Wed for 30 minutes/day.
- Spinning on Saturdays for 1 hour.
- Total exercise: 3.5 hours/week

By the end of this semester I will be a new woman. I will know if I will begin my graduate degree this fall, I will have 2 undergraduate degrees, and I will have a new, sculpted bod. I knew 2010 was going to be a good year.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Awesomeland

Holy Guacamole! There is so much that has gone on this winter break. How about an update in pictures? Sounds good to me!

November 19 - 1 year engagement anniversary. Bob had his wonderful sister Mariah arrange a gorgeous rose heart for me! All together now...awwee!

When Bob proposed last year Mariah had arranged a huge heart of roses with the ring box in the middle. Kudos for Bob for making a miniature arrangement 1 year later.

December 11 - My 23rd birthday. The entire day was simply wonderful. We finished off the day with seeing The Princess & The Frog. We enjoyed it lots and lots.

December 19 - Neve family pictures at the Capitol. Even though we started a little late, the pictures turned out beautiful!

 As we were leaving the Capitol the fog was almost completely covering the dome.
Very eerie and awesome.

December 25 - Our first Christmas married! Do you like how attractive we are just after waking up? Also, for the past few months whenever Bob asked me what I wanted for Christmas I would say "A Puppy!" (even though I know we can't have one). Bob, being the adorable thing he is, got me a stuffed Dug from Up! My Christmas wish did come true. I got a puppy.


December 31 - January 2 - Ringing in the New Year in Bear Lake. Our friends Michael David and Kassidy Mather invited us up to Bear Lake for New Years. We spent the weekend eating, reading, playing video games, and playing board games. It was muchos funos. We even attacked the mountain with some extreme sledding. Very cold, but very adventurous.

Wowza, lemme tell you how HOT I am when going sledding. So so hot.