Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am usually pretty good at accepting change. I like to keep my mind open. New things bring new experiences and new adventures. After watching Up! (my new favorite animated movie), I've decided to adopt Charles Muntz's famous slogan:

Adventure is out there!

...Because it is. Adventure is not found sitting on your behind in front of the television (unless you are watching Survivor, but that show is sooooo 10 years ago). Adventure is found by meeting new people, going new places, and taking new chances.

I am not going to learn and grow without change. So I welcome it. With open arms. Most of the time. But, as of late, there has been one pill that has been hard for me to swallow: not seeing old friends anymore.

I miss my friends. All my friends.
I miss my first best friend, Melinda. I miss playing Indiana Jones on her swing set. I miss playing Power Rangers on my trampoline and making up the "Purple Ranger" because neither of us wanted to be the yellow ranger. (I'm pretty sure we weren't racist, she just wasn't as cool as Kimberly). I miss tying barbies to chair legs with colorful pipe cleaners because they had been captured by the evil villian, Nicholas. I miss our Jasmine Jammies.

I miss my elementary friends. I miss spending every recess, every day on the swings. I miss the innocence of youth. I miss spending all summer at the Coburn's house making dozens of music videos, talk shows, cooking shows, and quality movies. I miss being able to play all day because work had not entered our lives yet. (I wish I had some pictures of us, but I can't find any. Trust me when I say we were all pretty cute. The awkward Jr. High years hadn't attacked us yet). 

I miss my junior and high school friends. I miss getting dressed up for football games. I miss hanging out during lunch eating our disgustingly greasy pizzas or tasty bread sticks. I miss playing night games. I miss asking, answering, planning, and attending school dances. I miss being a teenager with the best group of guys and gals that anyone could ask for.I miss my drama friends. I miss spending all day in the drama room. I miss laughing at anything and everything. I miss spontaneously quoting lines from plays and watching other students look at us like we're crazy (because we are). I miss swearing with Adam because it's "Just Acting." I miss being around other goofballs just like myself knowing that no one is judging you. I miss being able to express myself on stage with amazing friends. 

I miss my gang of college friends. AKA "The District". You know who you are: Elyse, Andrea, Eric, Rick, Krista, Brammer, Emily, Will, Emilee, Kariann, Kim, Dave, Melissa, Clayton, Amanda, Laura, Michaeljohmdavid, Chad and Liz. I miss playing Ultimate Frisbee on the beach in La Jolla. I miss spontaneous get-togethers. I miss watching movies at Liz's house (especially when spending all day and night together watching the entire Star Wars collection). I miss seeing each other on campus and being WAY TO EXCITED about it. I miss all of us being together.

I miss all the friends I made when in the LDS sorority at the U. They were all so much fun, and I truly miss not seeing them all once a week. Whether we were friends waaay back when, or hung out at one point or another in college. I miss you, too.

I miss all my friends who have moved to new places to pursue career opportunities or for education purposes. I miss friends who have gotten married and have new things going on. I miss never seeing anyone I used to. I hate that as we've all grown up, new things have come upon us that pull us apart.

I wish I could have one week to spend with all my past friends. And I mean, truly spend time with them. None of this see-each-other-for-an-hour-or-two-at-a-wedding-shower-deal.

Please call me. Please send me an email. I don't know if you caught it, but I miss you.

Aside from all this missing of friends, I do love my life right now. Bob is a great husband and Maggie is a fun, furry companion. We spend a lot of time with family members and each other. He is a great best friend, and I'm happy that I don't have to be missing him like I miss everyone else.


elyse said...

Cute post! I miss you too Cilla. It was so fun to get penguin hugs from you earlier this month. I miss those!! :) Some day we'll all be together again...

Melinda said...

Oh i miss all those things too! We did play awesome things. I'm so glad you put the picture of us in our jasmine jammies up! And our triangle perm hair is so awesome.