Monday, July 26, 2010

It's So FLUFFY!!!

That's right folks. Your kind words full of love and joy and joyness helped me to decide to keep on bloggin'. So here we go:
Bob and I got a furry little thing at the beginning of June. She's black, slobbery, and loves the water. Who is this mysterious, new addition to our family?

Meet Miss Maggie

'Squishy', as we call her, was born on March 31, 2010. We got her at a wee 9 weeks old. I can't believe I haven't talked about her yet! Anywhosie. She is a pure black lab/golden retriever mix. Both parents were fancy-smancy hunting dogs who...cough, cough... got a little friendly in the woods.

We have sure had our fair share of little trials with her:

1. Swallowing a large, sharp, hard piece of plastic at 11 weeks old. (This led to being up all night, puking at 5am, and continuing to throw up the entire day until we ended up at the vet. Yay).

2. Dealing with weeks of 'soft serve' poopy (I know you're just dying to hear all this!). We were feeding her Iams Smart Puppy. Bad choice. It turns out Iams has corn and a lot of animal byproducts in it. Corn can be hard for puppies to digest. So after two more weeks of 'fun' we got her all switched over to Kirkland Puppy. Not only is it better for her, but it is significantly cheaper. Hurrah!

3. As always, there were a few accidents in the house. Crate training has helped sooooo much. She got house broken in a snap, and hasn't had any accidents for a good long time.

4. Puppy razor teeth. Enough said.

Aside from the puppy craziness, she is so much fun to have around. Nothing is better that coming home to a furry little animal who is wiggling with joy to see you. She has helped us stay in shape. To tire her out in the evening or morning, we take her on walks around the neighborhood. It's good for us, and good for her, too.

I love being a dog owner. This weekend Bob and I went up to Manuta (by Brigham City). She joined us walking around the reservoir, fishing and swimming.

Most of all, she gives me a taste of mommy hood without the total baby responsibility (you can't leave a baby at home in a crate 5 hours each day, that's for sure). I don't feel quite as baby hungry anymore. I've got a new baby of my own to take care of...

...she's just covered in fur...and walks on four legs...and has a tail...

Anywho, I promise I won't become a puppy mommy blogger. For those who have the same reaction I do to puppies (i.e. oohhohohoho!!! puppy puppy! gimme! gimme!!) Here are a handful of pictures to hold you off for a while.

I'm adorable!


Chels... said...

Mawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I love her.

Ashley said...

I love her already! We have a black lab/pit bull mix who is just a sweetheart. I'm so glad you're a puppy momma.

side note: next time you need her throw something up - like she eats something she shouldn't - using a syringe (sp?) force hydrogen peroxide(just an ounce or two) down her and she will throw up mightily with in 30 minutes. This works really well when your puppy gets a hold of something, say like a piece of cake with so much buttercream it will send them into a sugar coma.

Madison said...

So so sweet! I love her!

{jake + shalise} said...

AW, even though they can be oh so naughty at times.. the face gets me every time! Love her sweet face! SO CUTE!!! She's such a pretty dog! :)

-I hope you don't mind my blog stalking you.. I agree with the previous post sometimes I find it pointless to have a blog since we don't have kids and I talk about random things we do and our dog. I always wonder if people really care but I've decided I keep my blog more for a journal (besides really personal things) and I print it into a book for each year to just remember things we did with pictures.. just a thought I thought I'd share :)

anna jo said...

ahhh, she is so cute!!

Lisa Louise said...

so stinking adorable!!