Friday, September 26, 2008

Another JibJab for the Siblings

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To Cheer A Coworker Up...

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cilla: Workin' It In Any Decade

Howdy Ya'll!

So I was bored the other day and found my way to sounds like an insult... go yearbook yourself! Anywho, you upload a picture of your face, and it attaches it to different yearbook pics. So let's see what Cilla would look like in different decades:

1950s: Priscilla always has a meal ready for her husband when he gets home from work and serves her casserole with a smile! Sure her heels give her blisters when she vacuums, but she understands that women should always look her best...even when doing housework.

1960s: Priscilla is spreading her wings and decides to go to work while still running the household. Is she overworked? Heck no! Is she syling those cat-eye glasses like every hard-working woman should? HECK YES!

1970s: Priscilla is deciding that it's time for her to go to the DISCO! Maybe she should change into her platforms. How do you like my feathered hair? Do I look like Farrah Fawcett?

1980s: Priscilla finally learns that girls just wanna have having HUGE HAIR! Oh boys, do you like my stirrup stretch pants?

1990s: Priscilla spends the majority of her time watching 90210 and purchasing miscellaneous denim pieces that she proceeds to spray with bleach. She's pretty much all that and a bag of chips.

Um, yeah, I'm pretty much 99.9% sure that I would be awesome in any decade. I mean, it would take a lot more than clothes and hair to make me not awesome. And, c'mon, you know I would ROCK in the 80s... Blondie and me. BFFs. BFFs.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Endless Summer Nights

So after I wrote my post about fall, I realized how much I love summer too! This summer was chalk-full of giggle fits, daredevil feats, and just a pinch of insanity. I am going to miss the warm nights, no school, staying up late, no school, and spending oodles of time with Bob. So please join me as I reminisce about this summer with my top 5 moments of Summer 2008!

#5 - Jessi's Wedding!
My good friend Jessica Evans got married to Ryan McAllister on August 7. Way to go, Jess! Vanessa, Marianne, and I went to welcome them out of the Temple. The 4 of us have been friends since Elementary! I am so happy we are all still friends and that we no longer have braces or side ponytails (even though I miss my side pony!). We all got a little teary when Jess and Ryan walked out as husband and wife. And I swear I could hear Cinderella in the background singing, "So this is love! Ohhoohooo! So this is love...!" It just makes me wonder who is next to go. Mari? V? ME?! We'll wait and see...

Marianne, Vanessa, Jessi, and Yours Truly. What a good lookin' bunch, no?

 These 2 are going to make beautiful babies!
#4 - Tanner!
My nephew, Tanner, turns 2 in a month and he has been so much fun in our family. He is talking up a storm and making all of us laugh. His favorite name is my sis-in-law "A-MY!" but my heart definitely melts every time he looks at me and says, "Hi P!" (Yes, my name is 'P.' Clearly 'Priscilla' requires a bit too much articulation for his little mouth). The Hansen’s love him dearly and I can't wait until more nieces and nephews enter my life! 

Cheesy Smiles at the Zoo
#3 - Summer Concerts
This Summer I went to 2 fantastic concerts: John Mayer and Richard Marx. Holly and I hit up Richard Marx just the two of us (and bought matching t-shirts while there) and Jordan, Amy, Holly and I saw John Mayer together (yes, Holly and I wore matching shirts yet again. That's how we roll). Both concerts were great and hold fun memories. [sigh].

 John Mayer. July 21st. Jordan made this awesome t-shirt that reads, "John, My Body is a Wonderland," but he chickened out right before the concert and took it off. Hopefully we can get him to wear it next time...

 Richard Marx. June 28. Holly and I made a spectacle of ourselves at the Sandy Ampitheatre complete with enthusiastic dancing and spontaneous "We Love You's!"

#2 - Weekend Getaways!
I was not able to go on an official vacation this Summer, but weekend getaways helped fill this gap. Isaiah (Bob's brother), and our friends John and Kim joined us in Park City for a weekend of MarioKart and laziness. Bob's dad, brothers (Chuck and Isaiah), sister-in-law (Anitha), and friends (John and Will) and I went cliff jumping at Island Lake. Seriously, folks, this was the most exhilarating thing I have ever done! Talk about a rush!

 John, Bob, and Isaiah decided to revert back to their primate roots in P.C.

#1 - Bob & Cilla
Not to get all cheesy on you, but Bob is seriously the best. We have a great time when we're together, and things are always chill and relaxed between us. Plus, we're nerdy, crazy, and spontaneous, so every day is a new adventure. Okay, the cheese ball has been put away. But in all honesty, he's a bucket of fun that I hope never runs empty.

 Late night hiking with water fights, fruit roll ups, and some good company :)

  Bob & Cilla: 33% Nerdy. 2% Dimples. 16% Goofy. 100% Awesome.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cool and Awesome

TV is great. Sure it turns us all into Cheetos-eating couch slugs that will die from a plugged artery, but at least we had some good laughs, eh? Yeah...

Anywho, there are 2 particular television quotes of late that I have taken to heart. They are highly inspirational, and I greatly thank the writers who have changed my life for the better. Ahem. Quote #1:

The caption reads as follows:
"When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story." ~Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother).

You know, I was kinda sad the other day sitting in my office at the UMNH. I was desperate for a bit of 'cool' or 'sah-weet' or even 'grrrrreat'. But, alas, no matter how many times I watched "Charlie Bit My Finger' on YouTube, I remained sad. If only I had known to just be AWESOME I could have avoided the tear stains on my deposits. Thank you, Barney, for your inspiration. I may never be sad again.

Ahem. Quote #2:

"Whenever I'm about to do something, I think, 'Would an idiot do that?' And if they would, I do not do that thing." ~Dwight Shrute (The Office)

Fact. For about a week I actually tried to think, "Would a cool person do this?" before I took action. Fact. This view is impossible to uphold because every time I would walk into Abercrombie and Fitch I suffocated from cologne inhalation. I now prefer to live according to Dwight's example. As long as an idiot would not do the thing I am thinking about doing, I step up to the plate and carry out whatever it is that I am planning to do. Are you with me? Good.

So here's how I view myself now:
C ool (Without A&F)
I diotic (In a non way)
L aughter (She has lots)
L aughter (I told you she has lots)
A wesome (Instead of sad)

Thank you Prime Time TV. You have helped make me both awesome and cool. By that, I mean you have made me MORE cool and awesome. Yup. Cool and awesome.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Whoa! Listen to the Music!

So I just added a new item to the blog that I am quite excited about: Music!!! At the bottom of the page you can find my current playlist. They are a random assortment of songs that I am obsessed with. Also, I love hits, but I also like finding songs that don't get radio raped. So if you don't recognize something, give it a minute, you just may like it.

Oh, and don't look too into the music that is played. It's not like they are songs of my soul...

...or are they?

Muahaha! Are you intrigued? I'm so mysterious! Rock on, readers, rock on.
Rock the U 2008: 26.2 Hour Dance Marathon of Awesomeness!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"In a World..."

I recently found out that Don LaFontaine passed away after complications with a long-term illness. My first response to this news was, "Who in the world is Don LaFontaine?" My dad looked at me and said the following in a deep, baritone voice:

"In a world where only the strong survive..."

Oh no. I suddenly realized who Don LaFontaine is. He's the "movie trailer voice over guy." His voice could give oomph to any drab-looking movie, bring added suspense to the already action-packed flick. This man truly had a voice of gold. And now it can only be heard among the angels.

In his life, Don did voice overs for around 5,000 movies! He was driven from gig to gig doing an average of 10 trailers a day. Talk about a career! I know I always expect to hear is voice at the beginning of any motion picture. I guess my expectations will have to see a change now. While there are many more individuals who have the deep, moving voice needed for trailers, Don is the best-known of them all. They will have some big shoes to fill.

In a world where Don LaFontaine no longer walks among us, we can only reminisce about the great contribution to Hollywood that he has made. We will never look at a movie trailer the same ever again. So here's to you, Don! May your voice always be remembered, cherished, and loved.

Ba De Ya, Say Do You Remember? Ba De Ya, Dancing in September!

Today on campus the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and a soft breeze tousled my newly darkened hair. Jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt were all I needed to be comfortable. What a perfect day! September is one of my favorite months of the year. Actually, the entire Fall season wins my vote for 'most awesome' and 'totally tubular' months of the year. I'm not sure if it was subliminal messaging from Earth, Wind & Fire that has made me fall in love with September, but it could be these other reasons as well...

The Colors! Fall is most definitely the most beautiful time of the year. Sage, copper, red, orange, yellow, brown... how can anyone gander at Mount Olympus and not gasp at the flameless fire that sweeps across the surface? I feel like for the few months that the leaves are changing I am living in an acrylic painting. With the way my mouth is locked in a smile during the season, I'm sure I've entered a Bob Ross painting... happy trees!

The Clothes! So let's all face the truth: Priscilla has very little fashion sense. My only accessories consist of a beat up Fossil watch, little silver earrings, and the occasional dainty ring. My favorite outfit includes jeans, a simple t-shirt, and Mary Jane's or colorful tennies. I also own like a bajillion hoodies and jackets, so I love any opportunity to wear them. What a better season to sport my favorite look than Fall? There is only one time of the year where I actually look like I have not committed a fashion faux pas. Sweet sauce! Thank you fall!

The Smell! Okay, so I may be totally off my rocker on this one, but I swear Fall has a specific smell. It's a sweet combination of fallen leaves, fresh rain, ripe veggies from the garden, and spices. It's the smell of change. I always welcome it with a long, drawn-out whiff followed by a peaceful, exhaled sigh. Ahhh, I smell...I smell...Obama?

Finally, the one thing that makes me giddier than the rest. Drumroll please...

The Crunchy Leaves!

Oh baby, do I love crunchy leaves. They satisfy all the senses. Except taste. I doubt they taste very good...blech! Anywho, I love walking on campus and hearing the choir of crunching emanating from all directions. Talk about the ultimate surround sound! And yes, I will go slightly out of my way to step on that crunchy-looking leaf.

So there you have it. My official ode to the Fall season. Keep a look out for crazy Cill as her plaid tennis shoes zigzag across the sidewalks attacking every leaf she sees. Also, if you get in her way, she cannot guarantee to avoid crunching you too. Nothing can stop her when Fall is here... except Chuck Norris. Chuck conquers all. I hear that when life gives Chuck Norris lemons he makes grape juice. Better watch out for him, too. [Shudder].