Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"In a World..."

I recently found out that Don LaFontaine passed away after complications with a long-term illness. My first response to this news was, "Who in the world is Don LaFontaine?" My dad looked at me and said the following in a deep, baritone voice:

"In a world where only the strong survive..."

Oh no. I suddenly realized who Don LaFontaine is. He's the "movie trailer voice over guy." His voice could give oomph to any drab-looking movie, bring added suspense to the already action-packed flick. This man truly had a voice of gold. And now it can only be heard among the angels.

In his life, Don did voice overs for around 5,000 movies! He was driven from gig to gig doing an average of 10 trailers a day. Talk about a career! I know I always expect to hear is voice at the beginning of any motion picture. I guess my expectations will have to see a change now. While there are many more individuals who have the deep, moving voice needed for trailers, Don is the best-known of them all. They will have some big shoes to fill.

In a world where Don LaFontaine no longer walks among us, we can only reminisce about the great contribution to Hollywood that he has made. We will never look at a movie trailer the same ever again. So here's to you, Don! May your voice always be remembered, cherished, and loved.


Anonymous said...

My favorite line is the one where you say his voice will only be heard by the angels now. Pure gold Priscilla!

Anonymous said...

Why thank you, Anonymous Reader! Can I just call you AR? Anywho, thanks for commenting, AR. You just made my day!