Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Endless Summer Nights

So after I wrote my post about fall, I realized how much I love summer too! This summer was chalk-full of giggle fits, daredevil feats, and just a pinch of insanity. I am going to miss the warm nights, no school, staying up late, no school, and spending oodles of time with Bob. So please join me as I reminisce about this summer with my top 5 moments of Summer 2008!

#5 - Jessi's Wedding!
My good friend Jessica Evans got married to Ryan McAllister on August 7. Way to go, Jess! Vanessa, Marianne, and I went to welcome them out of the Temple. The 4 of us have been friends since Elementary! I am so happy we are all still friends and that we no longer have braces or side ponytails (even though I miss my side pony!). We all got a little teary when Jess and Ryan walked out as husband and wife. And I swear I could hear Cinderella in the background singing, "So this is love! Ohhoohooo! So this is love...!" It just makes me wonder who is next to go. Mari? V? ME?! We'll wait and see...

Marianne, Vanessa, Jessi, and Yours Truly. What a good lookin' bunch, no?

 These 2 are going to make beautiful babies!
#4 - Tanner!
My nephew, Tanner, turns 2 in a month and he has been so much fun in our family. He is talking up a storm and making all of us laugh. His favorite name is my sis-in-law "A-MY!" but my heart definitely melts every time he looks at me and says, "Hi P!" (Yes, my name is 'P.' Clearly 'Priscilla' requires a bit too much articulation for his little mouth). The Hansen’s love him dearly and I can't wait until more nieces and nephews enter my life! 

Cheesy Smiles at the Zoo
#3 - Summer Concerts
This Summer I went to 2 fantastic concerts: John Mayer and Richard Marx. Holly and I hit up Richard Marx just the two of us (and bought matching t-shirts while there) and Jordan, Amy, Holly and I saw John Mayer together (yes, Holly and I wore matching shirts yet again. That's how we roll). Both concerts were great and hold fun memories. [sigh].

 John Mayer. July 21st. Jordan made this awesome t-shirt that reads, "John, My Body is a Wonderland," but he chickened out right before the concert and took it off. Hopefully we can get him to wear it next time...

 Richard Marx. June 28. Holly and I made a spectacle of ourselves at the Sandy Ampitheatre complete with enthusiastic dancing and spontaneous "We Love You's!"

#2 - Weekend Getaways!
I was not able to go on an official vacation this Summer, but weekend getaways helped fill this gap. Isaiah (Bob's brother), and our friends John and Kim joined us in Park City for a weekend of MarioKart and laziness. Bob's dad, brothers (Chuck and Isaiah), sister-in-law (Anitha), and friends (John and Will) and I went cliff jumping at Island Lake. Seriously, folks, this was the most exhilarating thing I have ever done! Talk about a rush!

 John, Bob, and Isaiah decided to revert back to their primate roots in P.C.

#1 - Bob & Cilla
Not to get all cheesy on you, but Bob is seriously the best. We have a great time when we're together, and things are always chill and relaxed between us. Plus, we're nerdy, crazy, and spontaneous, so every day is a new adventure. Okay, the cheese ball has been put away. But in all honesty, he's a bucket of fun that I hope never runs empty.

 Late night hiking with water fights, fruit roll ups, and some good company :)

  Bob & Cilla: 33% Nerdy. 2% Dimples. 16% Goofy. 100% Awesome.

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Rachel E. Smith said...

That last picture is the cutest thing ever. You guys are adorable.

Remember when Ali and I called with... questions while you were with Bob? Good times.

Glad to see you had enough fun for the both of us this summer, somebody had to.