Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson: 1958-2009

Unless you've been living under a rock (sorry, Patrick) you've now heard of the passing of Michael Jackson. While I am not Mrs. Water Works right now, I am quite saddened by hearing of his death. I have so many memories that revolve around his amazing music and dancing:

Flashback montage...Little 15 year-old Priscilla (complete with bangs and glasses) stands in front of a tv at the Coburn's house with Kenzie and Madison watching MJ's video 'Ghosts' over and over to learn the dance sequences. On later days, they watch 'Scream', 'Bad', and 'Beat It' all in attempt to improve their serious dancing skillz.

After Priscilla had mastered these moves of awesomeness, she competes in the dance competition at EFY. Billie Jean starts playing on her turn and she KILLS it with pulling moves from all of MJ's videos. Does she win? Psh...the other competitors didn't stand a chance.

Jump forward 2 years...
High School Priscilla (a little less awkward-looking Priscilla, that is) is devastated that her Honda has been broken into. The only thing missing? Her spectacular CD collection complete with every Michael Jackson CD released.

And ahead 3 more years...
Priscilla and friend Avery kill her car's battery after dancing to Michael Jackson in the Institute of Religion parking lot on Valentine's Day.

Back in those days I had this secret desire to be a backup dancer in one of Michael Jackson's videos. Every dancer was amazing, and every time I listened to his music I got some serious boogy fever! I'm even pretty sure that in High School whenever a MJ song would come on, my closest friends would create a circle so I could show them how his music would carry me into a fit of dancing. I knew that, in reality, I would never get the chance to be in a video, and that I was probably no where as good a dancer as all those amazing people in his videos, but part of me never lost hope...

...and to be honest, I don't think I'll ever lose that dream of dawning an awesome costume, and letting it all out in a video with the King of Pop. After all, just think of all he brought us:

The Moonwalk

Amazing Concerts and Performances

And The Invention of the Music Video

Regardless of his personal life, Michael Jackson was an AMAZING entertainer! I know there are a lot of artists now who can dance like there's no tomorrow, but, dude, MJ was the innovator of all those moves they have tweaked and perfected. It is sad that his life was cut short at merely 50 years of age and before a planned comback in the UK. He has inspired many, and left his mark in the music world. I guess I'll just have to keep dancing in my kitchen pretending that I am busting a move behind one of the greatest entertainers of our day.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two Thumbs 'UP'!

Bob took me to see this delightful film last night in 3D, and I absolutely loved it. Within the first 10 minutes I was in tears from the montage of a husband and wife growing old together. Pixar has an amazing ability to evoke emotion in the viewer with simple, elegant music, and beautiful, heartwarming images. (Wall-E is a great example of this silent charm that Pixar infuses in their films). From that teary moment on, I was hooked. I was already excited for the talking dog part upon seeing the previews, and when it finally came my expectations were exceeded. My heart skipped a beat when, after being called a "Bad Dog" by the old man the day before, Doug is waiting on his doorstep the next morning and solemnly says, "I hid under your porch because I love you."

Well, Pixar, I've been hiding under your porch because I love YOU! You continue to top yourself! I never expected this movie to take me on such an make me laugh, cry, ponder, and hate a villain so much. Each character had such a wonderful background and story. I became emotionally connected to all of them (even the silent "snipe" named Kevin)! I was on the edge of my seat towards the end of the film crossing my fingers that all would end well. In the spirit of not spoiling the ending, just know that, yet again, I was a blubbering baby as the final scene concluded. If I was not 1 of 6 people in the theatre I would have jumped out of my seat in ecstatic applause! Even the credits were a masterpiece! Bob and I left the theatre so happy and 'UP'lifted (hardy har, har!). I want to see it again and again and again!

And Pixar doesn't stop with movies. When a little girl's dying wish is to see UP before a rare cancer takes her life, they fly an employee to her house with the DVD and a sack full of goodies. You can read the heartwarming story here.

My new favorite Pixar movie? UP. Go see it. I know there are a lot of other appealing movies out right now...Transformers, for instance. But I can guarantee that they will not have as much beauty, humor, or heart as UP. Plus, talking dogs. Gotta love the..SQUIRREL!

P.S. I put up a poll to find out what YOUR favorite Pixar films is. Vote, baby!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bob and Cilla: Southpark-i-fied!

So I found myself bored on Friday and wound up on a website where you can make your own Southpark characters. This was way too addicting! So here's what Bob and Cilla would look like if they were all of a sudden cartoon characters living in Colorado with dirty mouths:

Everyday Bob & Priscilla:

Wedding Bob & Priscilla:

Honeymoon Bob & Priscilla:

And I didn't stop there! I proceeded to make my friends into Southpark characters! I could feel the addiction growing and growing! Finally, hunger got the best of me and I was able to leave the computer to eat. Thank goodness I was able to pull myself away! Hmm...I wonder what my dad would look like as a Southpark character...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Miss 1993

My friend Melinda Johnson-Christensen just posted this picture on her blog and it is too wonderful not to share on mine as well. Here we are with her little sister Natalie in our infamous "Jasmine Jammies." When we were, oh, I don't know, like 7 we wore these religiously for probably a good 2 years straight. They were the best pajamas ever! They got thrown away after we wore them to shreds, but both of us still wish we had them...for old time's sake, you know? (It's not like I want to still wear them while doing housework or anything...) Anywho, some humorous points of interest about the photo:

- We all have the same hair style...bangs with a short bob...SO HOT!
- Melinda (on the left, by the way) and I are holding Natalie's hands behind our backs. Creepy or cool?
- 1 word: Wallpaper.

Thanks for this awesome trip down memory lane, Ninny! (Way back when I was "Cryla" and she was "Ninny"...all thanks to her younger siblings who had a hard time saying "Priscilla" and "Melinda"). Miss you!

Moving Busy-ness!

Hi friends and family!

I've wanted to post so badly about all the adventures Bob and I have had since getting married, but we've been so INSANELY busy since we got home. In lieu of these fantastical stories complete with cheesy puns and pictures, here is a happy little bullet list of current happenings:

- Bed, Bath and Beyond is my homeboy...or girl...I'm not sure what gender it would be classified as...Anywho, we went to this "party" deal last week where we could get the rest of our registry (& whatever else we needed) for 20% off. After returns, and our new purchases, we still have $50+ left to spend there! We also got sooo much stuff for the apartment. It's pure insanity! Domestic insanity! Thanks BB&B!

- A few points on Cancun that I intend on expanding on:
1. Tipping. Seriously, folks. I don't get the concept of tips. Hey, I just handed you a hand towel that you were entirely capable of getting yourself, now give me a peso. Are you serious? I don't think so.
2. The bus system in Cancun rocks! It cost less than $1.50 for both Bob and I to ride 1 way into town. They also would come like every 5 seconds so you could always catch one!
3. Torrential downpour + giddy 20-somethings = more fun that you can ever imagine.
4. Some activities to post pictures of: Chicken Pizza (AKA Chichen Itza), Xel Ha, Parasailing, snorkeling, swimming in a cenote, and so much more!!!
5. Bob and I also looked like tourists...big time! How could we not? A super-white couple wearing Tevas and backpacks? Man, every Mexican and their dog wanted to sell us something. I was getting to the point where I wanted to wear a sign saying something like, "If I want to buy something, I'll come to you. Stop bugging me!!!"

Xel Ha. Cancun, Mexico

- Moving sucks. Every day we get a little closer to being all moved in, and everyday we add at least 5 things to our To-Do list. When will the madness end!?! On a positive note, our apartment is starting to feel like home!

- This rain must end. I don't mind a good thunderstorm every now and then, but it's been gloomy non-stop since Bob and I got home. I'm sick of wearing jeans and tennies. I want to wear my shorts and flip flops already! C'mon, Mother Nature!!!

- Oh, and, as a follow-up to my post about birth control, I'm switching to something new next week. I'm done being psycho-girl. Let's pray this new kind likes me better!

- Bob and I made seriously amazing Stir-Fry last night. I have a feeling this is the beginning of many amazing meals to come!

Hopefully everyone else is having an amazing summer!

Bob & Cilla Neve

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Bob and I finally got married on May 30, 2009 in the Salt Lake Temple!!! Yay! The day was simply fantastic! After a crazy awesome party with good food and great people, we boarded a flight to Cancun, Mexico! No swine flu could keep us away from paradise! The weather was wonderful and sunny, and we enjoyed a week of sun, parasailing, and hot...sightseeing! I have so much to talk about, I'll need to write a good couple of posts to share all our wonderful adventures! In the meantime, just know that we are extremely happy and are overjoyed that we no longer have to say goodbye every night. Here's to a lifetime of happiness and love!