Sunday, June 7, 2009


Bob and I finally got married on May 30, 2009 in the Salt Lake Temple!!! Yay! The day was simply fantastic! After a crazy awesome party with good food and great people, we boarded a flight to Cancun, Mexico! No swine flu could keep us away from paradise! The weather was wonderful and sunny, and we enjoyed a week of sun, parasailing, and hot...sightseeing! I have so much to talk about, I'll need to write a good couple of posts to share all our wonderful adventures! In the meantime, just know that we are extremely happy and are overjoyed that we no longer have to say goodbye every night. Here's to a lifetime of happiness and love!


Melinda said...

Yay Priscilla! I can't believe you're an old married lady now. I'm so sad I wasn't in town for your wedding. I hope you guys are so happy together. You certainly look like it in the picture. :) And I LOVE your dress. It's gorgeous and just so...YOU! I'm glad everything went great on your honeymoon too.

Caitie Miller said...

Congratulations Priscilla! you are going to LOVE married life. It's like one big sleepover party!