Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Miss 1993

My friend Melinda Johnson-Christensen just posted this picture on her blog and it is too wonderful not to share on mine as well. Here we are with her little sister Natalie in our infamous "Jasmine Jammies." When we were, oh, I don't know, like 7 we wore these religiously for probably a good 2 years straight. They were the best pajamas ever! They got thrown away after we wore them to shreds, but both of us still wish we had them...for old time's sake, you know? (It's not like I want to still wear them while doing housework or anything...) Anywho, some humorous points of interest about the photo:

- We all have the same hair style...bangs with a short bob...SO HOT!
- Melinda (on the left, by the way) and I are holding Natalie's hands behind our backs. Creepy or cool?
- 1 word: Wallpaper.

Thanks for this awesome trip down memory lane, Ninny! (Way back when I was "Cryla" and she was "Ninny"...all thanks to her younger siblings who had a hard time saying "Priscilla" and "Melinda"). Miss you!

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Melinda said...

Cryla, this post totally cracked me up! I'm so glad you have it on your blog too. We were so awesome...and gooberish too. But the jasmine jammies will live on in coolness!