Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson: 1958-2009

Unless you've been living under a rock (sorry, Patrick) you've now heard of the passing of Michael Jackson. While I am not Mrs. Water Works right now, I am quite saddened by hearing of his death. I have so many memories that revolve around his amazing music and dancing:

Flashback montage...Little 15 year-old Priscilla (complete with bangs and glasses) stands in front of a tv at the Coburn's house with Kenzie and Madison watching MJ's video 'Ghosts' over and over to learn the dance sequences. On later days, they watch 'Scream', 'Bad', and 'Beat It' all in attempt to improve their serious dancing skillz.

After Priscilla had mastered these moves of awesomeness, she competes in the dance competition at EFY. Billie Jean starts playing on her turn and she KILLS it with pulling moves from all of MJ's videos. Does she win? Psh...the other competitors didn't stand a chance.

Jump forward 2 years...
High School Priscilla (a little less awkward-looking Priscilla, that is) is devastated that her Honda has been broken into. The only thing missing? Her spectacular CD collection complete with every Michael Jackson CD released.

And ahead 3 more years...
Priscilla and friend Avery kill her car's battery after dancing to Michael Jackson in the Institute of Religion parking lot on Valentine's Day.

Back in those days I had this secret desire to be a backup dancer in one of Michael Jackson's videos. Every dancer was amazing, and every time I listened to his music I got some serious boogy fever! I'm even pretty sure that in High School whenever a MJ song would come on, my closest friends would create a circle so I could show them how his music would carry me into a fit of dancing. I knew that, in reality, I would never get the chance to be in a video, and that I was probably no where as good a dancer as all those amazing people in his videos, but part of me never lost hope...

...and to be honest, I don't think I'll ever lose that dream of dawning an awesome costume, and letting it all out in a video with the King of Pop. After all, just think of all he brought us:

The Moonwalk

Amazing Concerts and Performances

And The Invention of the Music Video

Regardless of his personal life, Michael Jackson was an AMAZING entertainer! I know there are a lot of artists now who can dance like there's no tomorrow, but, dude, MJ was the innovator of all those moves they have tweaked and perfected. It is sad that his life was cut short at merely 50 years of age and before a planned comback in the UK. He has inspired many, and left his mark in the music world. I guess I'll just have to keep dancing in my kitchen pretending that I am busting a move behind one of the greatest entertainers of our day.

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Lisa Louise said...

Ah good old Michael, remember learning thriller at Suzanne's? You should totally do the ragnar next year, it rocks!!