Tuesday, July 7, 2009


My friend and coworker from the Utah Museum of Natural History passed away last Thursday. Diane Karwacki peacefully passed after an intense battle with pancreatic cancer. These few months have really helped me realize the frailty of life. She had no signs, indications, or symptoms before being diagnosed. In fact, if a chest X-ray hadn't "accidentally" captured a picture of her pancreas, they may not have caught the cancer until...well... She was given up to 6 months with intensive chemotherapy treatments to live, and the cancer took her after 2 1/2. I will miss her dearly. She was always full of spunk, energy, and her personality matched her bright red hair. I am sad to have missed these last months with her as I no longer work at the Museum.

I never got to say goodbye.

Her events were impeccable, her attitude firm, and her heart full. I will miss her so much, and hope she finds peace and happiness in the next life. Traffic and Sweet Pea will miss their mom so much, as well as her sweet husband, Matt. I can only hope that they are able to find comfort during this emotional time.

Love you forever, Diane.


Ashley said...

Oh Cilla! That is so sad. It breaks my heart. She was wonderful. I my heart goes out to her family. How did you find out?
She will be greatly missed at the Museum.

Lisa Louise said...

Wow that is really sad. I'm so sorry Cilla.