Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moving Busy-ness!

Hi friends and family!

I've wanted to post so badly about all the adventures Bob and I have had since getting married, but we've been so INSANELY busy since we got home. In lieu of these fantastical stories complete with cheesy puns and pictures, here is a happy little bullet list of current happenings:

- Bed, Bath and Beyond is my homeboy...or girl...I'm not sure what gender it would be classified as...Anywho, we went to this "party" deal last week where we could get the rest of our registry (& whatever else we needed) for 20% off. After returns, and our new purchases, we still have $50+ left to spend there! We also got sooo much stuff for the apartment. It's pure insanity! Domestic insanity! Thanks BB&B!

- A few points on Cancun that I intend on expanding on:
1. Tipping. Seriously, folks. I don't get the concept of tips. Hey, I just handed you a hand towel that you were entirely capable of getting yourself, now give me a peso. Are you serious? I don't think so.
2. The bus system in Cancun rocks! It cost less than $1.50 for both Bob and I to ride 1 way into town. They also would come like every 5 seconds so you could always catch one!
3. Torrential downpour + giddy 20-somethings = more fun that you can ever imagine.
4. Some activities to post pictures of: Chicken Pizza (AKA Chichen Itza), Xel Ha, Parasailing, snorkeling, swimming in a cenote, and so much more!!!
5. Bob and I also looked like tourists...big time! How could we not? A super-white couple wearing Tevas and backpacks? Man, every Mexican and their dog wanted to sell us something. I was getting to the point where I wanted to wear a sign saying something like, "If I want to buy something, I'll come to you. Stop bugging me!!!"

Xel Ha. Cancun, Mexico

- Moving sucks. Every day we get a little closer to being all moved in, and everyday we add at least 5 things to our To-Do list. When will the madness end!?! On a positive note, our apartment is starting to feel like home!

- This rain must end. I don't mind a good thunderstorm every now and then, but it's been gloomy non-stop since Bob and I got home. I'm sick of wearing jeans and tennies. I want to wear my shorts and flip flops already! C'mon, Mother Nature!!!

- Oh, and, as a follow-up to my post about birth control, I'm switching to something new next week. I'm done being psycho-girl. Let's pray this new kind likes me better!

- Bob and I made seriously amazing Stir-Fry last night. I have a feeling this is the beginning of many amazing meals to come!

Hopefully everyone else is having an amazing summer!

Bob & Cilla Neve

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Caitie Miller said...

I'm so happy you guys had a great time! I love that picture of the water; it's absolutely beautiful! Where is you apartment? Soon you guys will feel like you've been there together your whole lives; the time passes so quickly! have fun!