Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So I am an official college graduate from the University of Utah. Yahoo! It's about time. I started school in the Fall of 2005, and spent almost every semester on campus. One of my diplomas came in the mail today. It looks so official next to Bob's 2 diplomas.
Back to graduation: I really didn't feel like sitting through 2 convocation ceremonies, so I just attended the convocation for my Communication Sciences and Disorders major. It was a fun experience. There were only 15 graduates from my major in the College of Health. Pretty tiny. We also were the first to get our names called. 'Twas nice. I actually took the time before the ceremony to curl my hair. Now that's impressive. I also wore my sweet and sassy yellow shoes from my wedding. 'Twas good. I was so happy to have my family there. They cheered super loud when my name was called, and it gave me BIG smiles.
Anywho, enough of my chit chat. Here are some pictures from the blessed event. My dad took a ton, but I have yet to get them from him.
Curling the hair. Trust me when I say this doesn't happen often.

Half of my graduating class. Future Speech-Language Pathologists or Audiologists in the making! Don't believe the look on Michelle's face (the one wearing the lei), we were all happy to be DONE!

Anne, Trevor, and me. Soo...uhh...who is the worst photographer in the world? The girl with half a face.

Notice how my hat is slouching to one side. Yeah, that's from wearing two tassels. Boo-yeah!
Oh, and my hubby is adorable!

Bob, Cilla, Bob's mama (Kare), and her husband, Thom. You can also see my amazing shoes in this pic :)

 My degrees!...and Chile Verde

My wonderful family (minus a few).

My good friend and classmate, Anne. What a babe!

Next time I'll be in cap and gown, I will be a graduate from the Masters Program in Speech-Language Pathology. Bob will also graduate from Law School at the same time. We can't wait. Two years until we are officially done with school. We can do it!

...I think...


Lisa Louise said...

way to go girl! congratulations!!

Liz said...

Congrats! Good luck with Grad school, you'll do awesome. :)