Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Skool Eated Me

Notice how I haven't posted anything in a long time on here? Yeah, grad school ate me. Luckily, it spit me back up for a couple weeks to catch my breath. Next week is the all glorious, beautifully wonderful Fall Break. I cannot tell you how much I need a week off from school. Granted, I have 2 tests (1 on Monday, 1 on Tuesday) right after we get back, but the break will still be fantastic. I love school breaks. Remember how I met my Bob on Spring Break a couple years back? Awesome. Breaks are full of opportunities. Camping? Maybe. Lagoon? A good possibility. Sleeping in and taking lots of naps? Definitely. I suppose I'll have to throw in some studying here and there, too.

I survived my first grad school test. It was hard. Really hard. I studied my brains out, and spent close to 2 hours to finish an exam only worth 50 points. Did I mention that we can only miss 10 points to pass the test? If we get lower than 40/50 we have to retake it. Yikes! I'm praying so hard that I passed. The test was bad enough the first time around. A second time could possibly kill me.

Aside from classes keeping me busy, working in the clinic is awesome. I am a student apprentice this semester, and it is wonderful to finally be doing something hands-on. I feel like I am learning a lot from the second year clinician. It's nice to be reminded why I am spending a truck-load of money on this education.

Speaking of graduate school, I've been gaining weight this semester. I've been pretty small my entire life and am now freaking out that my waist is all squishy. A bunch of my clothes aren't fitting anymore. Last week I went to put on some really cute pants to wear to the clinic and I couldn't button them up! After sulking for about 3 minutes, I grabbed some khaki pants to wear. Guess what? These ones barely buttoned up, too! They looked painted on they were so tight. My behind has definitely grown a few inches...and maybe my hips, and definitely my waist, and my (cough, cough) chest. I'm not so sad about that last part (and I'm sure Bob's not too sad about it either), but all the rest makes me quite upset. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mind gaining a few pounds. I feel like I look stronger when I'm not skin-and-bones. What upsets me is when good clothes don't fit anymore. I'm usually happy wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and tennies, but I have to dress-up for clinic. I don't really have the money to purchase a new wardrobe because my life has become sedentary. Oh the sadness.

So after weeks and weeks of whining to Bob about my squishy-ness sin pregnancy (I really do fear that my tummy looks like I'm newly pregnant. Trust me. I'm not), we've decided to both get in better shape. The remedies?

No more soda.

Wow. This may truly be the hardest thing for me to cut out of my diet. I love soda. I crave soda. In the middle of a 3-hour class I'm dying for a bit of caffeine. I am almost through my 3rd day without any high-sugared beverage and am going strong. Wish me luck!

Next on the list: become more active.

I don't have a ton of time to go to the gym. With class, work, clinic, and home life, stopping by the Fieldhouse seems out of the question most days. I usually go to Zumba on Wednesdays with my good friends Andrea and Kassidy, but have missed it the last two weeks due to, shock!, school. So from here on out I will plan studying accordingly to make it to Zumba each week. Besides getting some exercise, it is a good stress release from my crazy life. Aside from Zumba, I'm attempting to do something, anything active each day. If that means doing jumping jacks in my living room, so be it. I had some extra time today, so Maggie and I went on a long walk around the neighborhood. The weather was perfect for a good stroll, and Maggie came home and slept while Bob and I made dinner. Good stuff.

So that's pretty much it for now. I am alive, and most days that's good enough for me. Bob is rocking law school, as always. Maggie is growing, and so much fun to have around. We are really, really, really, really, REALLY busy, but happy.

Goodnight, Internet. I'm going to watch Simpsons and cuddle with my furry child and tubular hubby.


Lisa Louise said...

good goals girl! I quit soda in july, best decision ever!

Liz said...

Sounds crazy! Hang in their chica and hope you have lots of fun during fall break. :)

Sujal said...

Quitting soda...
I tried last year. Failed.
Tried again in late January, this time after talking a friend into telling me no whenever I texted her and was like "I want a soda". Went 5 days, got a huge headache and had 2 sodas (with permission). Went 5 more days, had a soda (with permission) at the Super Bowl (because everyone else was having one).

Haven't had one since. Some weird combination of wanting to quit, plus getting a friend who I knew wouldn't do anything to threaten me worked, and now I'm at almost 8 months (as of tomorrow) without soda.

Its hard, yes, and occasionally tempting. But, believe me. If I can do it, you can totally do it.