Friday, May 21, 2010


I am sick AGAIN! (Just FYI, I was deathly ill about 6 weeks ago). Okay, maybe not deathly, but there were many days I thought I would cough up both my lungs. It was lame. It sucked. But I recovered. Now here I am, 6 weeks later with goopedy goop clogging up my sinuses and dripping out my nose.

Where were you on that one, immune system?

I'm afraid someone has hacked into my immune system. I may be the victim of viral identity theft*. I have only recently come to realize the seriousness of V.I.T. and know I need to spread the word to others so they may not become victims! I have scripted the following Public Service Announcement to achieve this goal:

Good Afternoon,
I am Priscilla Neve, recent victim of viral identity theft. Every year, thousands of innocent individuals become prey to immune system hackers. V.I.T. is a serious problem that costs millions of dollars each year in medical bills and decreased work productivity. Only you can prevent this terrible ordeal from affecting you and those you love. Take the necessary precautions to ensure your immune system is as strong as possible. Make sure to upgrade your skin wear yearly, and check your health score daily. Take caution around others who sneeze, cough, and appear lethargic, for they are most likely the individuals to hack into your immune system. For those who have become victims of V.I.T. in the past, the only way to ensure full recovery of your identity is to invest in a sterile plastic bubble. Only once the body is away from contaminated air can the immune system be restored to its original owner. For information on how one can overcome V.I.T. using protective bubbles please refer to this website. Please spread the word about this horrendous new form of theft. After all, knowing is half the battle.

*V.I.T. was first identified by Mr. Chad Tagge, Biomedical Engineer

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elsie said...

Oh Cilla! You are tooo cute. I miss you so much and I miss giving you penguin hugs. Penguin hugs make everything better.