Friday, September 11, 2009

Ginny Chinny

I want a dog. Really bad. I've had a dog in my life at all times since I was two and living without one makes me sad. Very sad. I mainly want a Golden Retriever. Big dogs are my favorite, and when they're furry and energetic it is a match made in heaven. I mean, just look at this and tell me you don't want to cuddle up with it and love it forever:

All together now. Ooohhhhhhh!!!!!
But our landlord won't let us have a dog.
Or a cat.
Or even a bunny!

Allergies. Suck.

Especially when the backyard is HUGE and perfect for a little ball of fluff to frolic and fetch.

But alas, the answer is still no.

I'm having fur withdrawals. I need to pet something! I need to watch something jump around. I need to love an animal other than my husband!


(This actually isn't a real picture of her, but they all kinda look the same. Ginny has a little bite taken out of her right ear probably caused by a sibling argument.)

Miss Ginny is a 3 year old chinchilla. She is super soft and quite the character. Chinchillas are prey animals and take a while to trust new owners. It'll be a while before she lets us hold her. Sad day. But other than that, she is a funny little creature who loves raisins, being pet behind those big ears, and taking dust baths. The only problem with this little critter:

These bad boys.

Ginny is a rodent and her teeth will continue to grow her entire life. Therefore, she gnaws. On everything. We let her out last night while watching a movie (after Ginny-proofing the living room of course) and her path of destruction included: Futurama DVD, my GRE book, the X-Box remote, and our filing cabinet.

Seriously, Gin? The world is not for you to grind your teeth on.

Time to get her some chew toys. And maybe a wheel to run on so she doesn't go crazy when we let her out every night. I was thinking last night how a dog would be so much better than our little destructive chin but then thought of this:

And especially this...

Oh the destruction of a puppy! Even grown dogs get bored and decide that an innocent rug is suddenly an enemy. I'm starting to think that a little nibble taken out of my book is nothing to finding a new puppy has discovered the trash.

So we're happy, and now a family of three. I'm sure we'll have many an adventure with out new Ginny, and I can't wait to share it all with you. And maybe someday I can come home to a snugly, puffy, wonderful dog of my own.

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elsie said...

How cute! I want to see a real pic when you get a chance--one of you giving her a penguin hug. That would be awesome! I misseth you!!