Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Walkin' For Breast Cancer: Mammo-Grammies Style!

On Saturday the 11th, the Hansen ladies got together with Mom's coworkers to participate in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. This was my third year walking, and as always, it was buckets of fun. Sure there was enough pink and Estrogen to make us all crave chocolate and potato chips for 2 days after, but it's always nice to gather together for a good cause.

Team Name: Mammo-Grammies
Team Goal: Stay warm while walking around Liberty Park.
Team Mission: Save the Ta-Ta's!
Team Motto: "Saving second base one step at a time." 
...okay so maybe we didn't officially have a mission or motto, but deep down I'm sure this is what we were all the same time...we are related after all...
One a more serious note, I truly was so happy to participate in this event again. Many women close to me have experienced Breast Cancer, include my Grandma Blanche. Every bit of money we raise helps find a cure and help prevention. To those who have suffered in some way from Breast Cancer, my heart is with you. 

.::In Memory of Blanche Hansen::.

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Melinda said...

Cryla you make me laugh. I picked up on every bit of humor in this post and you just brighten my day. ;) Tell your fam hi for me!