Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Walking Flu"

Okay, so I know my title is not a real condition, but after this weekend I think it should be. I swear that I have something I've so awesomely coined "The Walking Flu" (think of Walking Pneumonia...). Anywho, so I'll go through periods of a couple hours where I feel great, and then all of a sudden I'm boiling up and feeling nauseous! That'll last for a little while, and then I'll feel fine again. This is soooo annoying!!! At least my dizziness is a constant, but who wants to feel like they just got off the Teacups all day long? I hate getting really sick, but I wish my body would make up its mind. You're either sick or you're not, Cilla-body! Half-way is just not cutting it for me. At least if I was really, really sick I could stay in bed and not feel guilty about it. But no...I'm feeling just good enough to come to school and do homework.


Yeah, this is me right now...except I'm not a dude, and that should say "flu" not "cold"

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Caitie Miller said...

Yeah, Spencer's a type 1 diabetic. Has been for almost 20 years now! But I take good care of him; he has not gone into insulin shock ONCE when I've been around, and no trouble since we got married! Haha I tell him that I'm the only reason he's still alive. Haha. I hope you start feeling better soon!