Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hey Milton, What's Happening?

I stole the stapler from work. It was my stapler, and money was withheld from my paycheck and I took my Swingline home, and um I did not receive three days of my pay and I would really like my paycheck, and that stapler is mine because my first boss bought it for me so I'm taking it home.

Seriously, folks. I totally took my Swingline stapler when I left the Museum. It may not be red, but it is mine.


Tiffany said...

Is that a quote from something, or did you really have 3 days pay witheld over a stapler!?

Vee said...

Go you! take the stapler!! *singing and dancing for you*

Now all you need to do is find a travellers check on the floor in your bosses office THEN ITS THE BAHAMAS FOR YA!!!

Caitie Miller said...

haha I love that guy. I swipe office supplies too. I'm a pen person. r

Anonymous said...

Tiff-it's from the movie, "Office Space" but money was witheld from me and I did steal..uh I mean..take my stapler home with me.

Caitie-dude, I'm into pens too. But most of the time it is by accident! They just end up behind my ear or in my hair at the end of the day!

Ashley said...

You go girl. I wish I'd taken something myself.