Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bulldogs, POW's, and Change: Election 2008 Through Cilla's Bewildered Eyes

I'm not gonna lie, and neither are my hips. I'm glad Barack Obama is our next President. I honestly think he will do a decent job. Now, instead of going on and on about why I feel this way, let's look at this recent election/campaigning period in a lighter way. Think of it as the Diet Coke of politics: a tasty, calorie-free treat that only minorly curbs that craving, and still leaves you feeling empty.

I'm quite sad this election has come to an end. I have been actively saving newspaper articles and magazine excerpts to add to my "I Heart America" scrapbook. This once People Mag junkie has resorted to searching for all things political. You'd think I'd get sick of all that patriotic, red, white, and blue mumbo-jumbo, but I most definitely did not! In fact, my room feels extremely empty now that I have removed the final link from my paper chain count down to Election Day.

Aside from my own, personal memory-collecting, I have also enjoyed the entertainment that comes during the election season. There are so many things that I will miss about the elections. The following are only a few of many:

- Pondering what a bulldog would look like with lipstick.
- Being constantly reminded the McCain was a Prisoner of War.
- Hearing the word 'Change' approximately 28,459 times in the last year.
- Getting Sarah Palin and Tina Fey mixed up... they look so freakin' much alike!

 Ahh....good times, good times. I do believe I will shed a single, glistening tear in remembrance of the happiness and joy this election has brought to me. I mean, I have been introduced to a fabulous new updo, opinions up the wazoo, and Democrat-Repulican vocal smack downs. Where else am I supposed to find this kind of entertainment? And don't say the CW or MTV. They ain't got nuthin on this!

To say bon voyage to Election 2008, please help yourself to this hefty serving of some final politician-bashing entertainment. (See the above JibJab toon) Mmm... trashing goodness! Remember my dear friends to keep your suits expensive, and your promises empty.

...and, I really can see Russia from my window.

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