Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still Here...I Think

Sorry I've been MIA lately. My motivation for blogging has been nil, kaput, non-existent. Nothing really exciting has been going on in my life. But, to keep all you blog stalkers out there satisfied, I've managed to scrounge up some bullet points of minor interest:

- Bob had a birthday in February {28 years...wowsas!}, and Maggie turned 1 on March 31. We went to Joe's Crab Shack with Bob's brother and his wife for Bobby's birthday and they embarrassed him riiil gooood. Observe:

And here is the Maggie dog on her birthday. Spoiled fluffy. She doesn't look happy in this picture, but promise me, she got lots of loves and a huge bone to chomp on.

- Bob and I went to Vegas for Spring Break this year. All-in-all we had a good time, but the weather was kinda crappy while we were there. It rained one day. Rain in Vegas? Really? I wanted some sun. My skin was dying for Vitamin D! But alas, we stayed in jeans most of the time. I was also reminded how I'm slowly but surely gaining weight that I don't want. Vegas definitely knows how to make a girl feel overweight. Here are some happy pictures of us in the Bellagio.

  - Bob and I went to Law School Prom and met up with our friends Rick and Elyse while we were there. It 'twas a nice date night. We ate good food, danced to some good music, and kifed some sodas on the way out for good measure. We also looked pretty good:

- I successfully completed semester #2 of my graduate program. I keep thinking back to the day when I opened my acceptance letter and how excited I was. WHY??!? Why was I so excited to sell my soul to the U? I am soooo glad I only have 1 year left. I'm done with school. My brain keeps checking out and I have to keep jump-starting it with chocolate and cola to keep it turned on (see my previous comment about gaining weight). I'm ready to be done with school and get on to the next phase of my life.

- Speaking of the next phase. Guess what?!


...Just kidding! Did I get ya? Though Bob and I are looking forward to babies AFTER we graduate, there is no bun cooking in the oven. Unless we're talking about a literal bun...and I'm not cooking one of those either. No buns. No ovens. I do plan on cooking some Spongebob shaped Mac 'n Cheese here soon. Yum!

(Am I the only one who thinks that shaped Mac 'n Cheese is like a bajillion times more delicious than regular Mac? Because IT IS! Don't believe me? Go to your nearest grocery or convenience store and buy some Spongebob Mac RIGHT NOW!)

Okay. I think I'm done now. Hopefully I'll get out of my blogging funk soon to provide you with more interesting happenings. Until then, wish me luck that I don't punch Mother Nature in the throat for making it rain so much these past few weeks.

There's really no exciting way to end this post, so here is a funny picture of a cat:


Amy said...

Shapes really are better! Worth at least $.50 more a box. And you better tell me when your preggo before the blog world knows!

Melinda said...

You got me.
And Cryla, regular Mac & Cheese has its own the fun you can have by running a fork through your plate o' goodness to see how many noodles you can capture on the tines. We did that all the time! Don't you remember!?

Li'l Lizzie said...

you totally had me! then it made me laugh. actually you make me laugh quite a bit actually :) love your blog

Avery said...

Ha! More things should end with cats riding invisible bikes.