Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sometimes I Exploit My Baby

I know I said I wouldn't post anything about baby/pregnancy until we found out what the little squeaker is (besides human), but if you are looking for any updates you can read my new blog.

After I found out that I was pregnant I starting thinking how I wanted to keep a baby journal. Every time I tried to write something down it felt too sappy and soooo not me.

I had some time to kill this last Sunday and decided to start chronicling the most random things that have happened during pregnancy (that no one warns you about). You know, constipation, random embarrassments, all the glamorous things.

Before I knew it I had titles for close to 10 posts that I wanted to write. I've since added another 10 and written 3. I tell you, this is so much easier than journaling, "today at the doctor's appointment the baby's heartbeat was 160bpm..." (and way more entertaining, might I add.)

Anywho, jump on over there if you feel so inclined. If you're not interested in the lady-growing-a-human schtuff, ignore this shameless plug for my cool, new blog and carry on with your regularly programmed awesomeness.

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