Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh Hey There! It's June!

Wow. I cannot believe how long it's been since I last blogged. I suppose some updates are in order. We found out in March that we are having a BABY GIRL. Said baby girl is due on July 12. Less than a month to go! Oh, goodness. Most of me is excited to meet the little lady and the rest of me is scared s***less. In all honesty, I just want to keep her alive. Bob and I kept Maggie Dog alive so hopefully we can manage a small human, right? It has been an overall smooth pregnancy with no complications (except raging hormones, serious heartburn, charley horses, and baby on bladder making it feel like I had a UTI). I guess pregnancy can't be all glamorous. One thing that has been interesting is how small the tummy has remained. I'm measuring right on track and Little Lady is healthy and growing, but the belly has remained rather small from month to month. Here is a progression of the growing bebe:

 14 Weeks

17 Weeks 

 28 Weeks

34 Weeks

I finally feel like when I go into public people are looking at me like a pregnant woman, not a she's-been-eating-too-many-jelly-doughnuts-lady. There was a while there where I looked awkward (see the first two pictures). It was as if I had gone back in time to Junior High and was in that "developing" stage. Niiiice. 

Anywho, I spent the majority of the pregnancy working for Wasatch County doing Speech-Language Pathology. It was a great year and I loved all the wonderful people that I worked with. The last day of school was bittersweet since I have decided not to return next year. Commuting 80 minutes a day was wearing on me, and I don't think I'll want to make the same commute with a baby at home. Instead, I've accepted a position to be a private contractor down here in the valley. I'll be able to make my own schedule and work 2 days a week. Boom baby! I honestly couldn't ask for a better setup after having a summer baby. It's like there's someone up there looking out for us, or something ;)

So, with school out I've become a full-time couch potato/cleaner extraordinaire. I've started organizing every drawer, cupboard, nook, and cranny of our little house. I've assembled furniture, and probably lifted stuff that should be off-limits. Oh well, no contractions yet so I'm not worrying. I'm pretty much just a parasite host at this point. I'm in no rush to get this baby here, but I am anxious for her to come so I'll have something to do besides cleaning and organizing all day. I'd also like my body back. Granted, I'm planning to breastfeed so I technically won't get my body back for a while, but at least when she kicks it won't be aimed at one of my organs.

So, all-in-all, things are going well with the Neve clan. Bob works, Maggie sleeps, Baby wiggles, and I clean. 

And the fun is just beginning...

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iordanovs said...

I'm so excited to see little lady Neve as well! I can't believe it's getting so close!