Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One World One Dream

So I know I haven't posted in 2 weeks (my goal has been to put something up every week), but I have had good reason for not writing:


I am seriously addicted to the Olys. Every time they roll around I know I am going to be sucked to the TV as I try to watch every event that I can. Sadly, as I stay up later and later to watch, the less and less sleep I get. I never want to take a nap because I can catch up on other events that I might have missed instead. I have an illness. Dang you Beijing!!!

Anywhosie, let's just observe some of my favorite highlights:

Men's Swimming:
Do I really need to say much of anything besides men's 400-meter relay race? Oh my gosh! I haven't cheered that loud since the last U-BYU Football game! Those French really thought they would smash us? Think again! Mua ha ha!! Would anyone care for some Freedom Fries?

Synchronized Diving:
Whoa! How did I miss this in years past? This could very well be my new favorite Oly sport. I love it all. The Speedos. The Flexibility (that I wish I had). The Grace. The Speedos. The Talent. Seriously, I can barely dive as is, but to watch these folks in unison while flipping around in the air is like watching a dance. And I like dance!

I've also been reading Breaking Dawn like crazy this week and am having an even harder time fitting everything in. I may have to skip showering until the Olympics have wrapped up. Stick Schmink, I must cheer on my team USA regardless of how I smell. Now that's dedication! And just in case you were wondering, the US leads in the medal count at 22. China and Korea follow with 20 and 12, respectively.

So my current website of choice is, (no shock here), the official site of the Beijing Olympics. You should up your fan-ness and check it out: http://en.beijing2008.cn/
Well I'm off to sit in front of the couch with my little flag, bowl of Cheetos, and bag of lozenges as I prepare to scream, "Swim, Phelps, SWIM!!!"

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Avery said...

Priscilla I love your enthusiasm for the Olympics! Keep up the energy because football season is coming up!