Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Breaking Dawn Against My Will

Stephanie Meyer's fourth installment of the Twilight series comes out on Saturday. Finally, the world will know if Bella chooses life with Jacob, or death with Edward (or some other road we have not considered)!

Sadly, Meyer's writing style and prose are, let's face it, pretty horrendous. I have spent countless hours reading about how close Bella and Edward get to having a passionate make-out (or worse...wink, wink), and nothing ever happens! Do I even need to tell you how frustrating this series is? I swear the only reason I keep reading is because I think that soon something of juicy value will come of it.
But nothing ever happens.

So I read on with the bad descriptions, poor visualizations, and ugly past-tense prose in hopes that Edward will accidentally turn her into a vampire, or Jacob will win her heart. My hope lies with the latter.

Finally, what is so freaking special about Bella? Are you honestly going to tell me that this accident-prone girl is getting the hunk-sickle just because she smells good? I understand the whole 'pheromones and sexual desire' bit, but shouldn't Bella have another attractive feature? What is this telling the young girls that are the target audience for this book?

Brains, looks, personality, or pretty much anything else for that matter will not help you get a guy. You can be a complete hazard and end up with a model-look-alike as long as you waft a constant aroma of Love Spell.

Puh-lease! Seriously girls, stay in school and quit spending your money at Bath & Body Works.
Take my advice, Edward. It's time to drink the wine. You've smelled the bouquet enough!
So aside from my ranting and raving, I will still be at my front door mid-morning on Saturday waiting for my pre-ordered copy of Breaking Dawn to arrive.

Do I think the whole story is rather stupid?


Do I believe that there are other literary works that are better worth my time?


Have I been completely sucked (pun intended) into Meyer's world of vampires, high school, and imminent danger around every corner that may or may not turn our dear and close friend, Bella, into a living-dead, and potentially out-of-control newborn vampire so she can live for all eternity with the one man who she cannot bare to be separated from, and I must get this book as soon as possible to find out how this story ends (run-on sentence intended)?

Danggit! Yes! Yes I tell you!

I need to go read Grapes of Wrath now...


Vee said...

Yes, yes! this series has also sucked me in, and feeds the soul of my inner junior high school girl, sad, I know.

But I also am very frustrated of what a damsel in distress bella is. Your, right, other than her stank- she's kinda just bumbling around hurting herself. I don't really agree with some of the messages girls get from this book. "don't worry, girlies, guys will fight over you even if you are kinda boring"
I also rant and rave about stephanie meyers on my blog- so come check it out.

Rich and Nat said...

haha i feel totally the same way~ i am so hooked on these books but they make me so mad!!! haha although i am totally against Jacob and if she ends up with him i will be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO upset! haha

Anonymous said...

Hehe! I love the neverending debate over Jacob and Edward. I used to be a hard-core Edward fan until the 3rd book. Now I'm on team Jacob...but I keep going back and forth!! Ahh!! Hehe... anywho, I guess we'll find out tomorrow!!

Amy said...

So, I finished yesterday...very different. You'll have to let me know what you think.