Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Curl Up and Dye

So by now I'm sure you have noticed that I changed the layout and look of my blog. Yeah, I decided that I needed more color. If you want to get psychological, my life is bubbly and spontaneous and simply cannot be blogged about in black, white, and red. Ohh...Priscilla is deep!

So upon thinking about my short-lived background I began to think about how much I have undiagnosed A.D.D. Change is pretty much my middle name (Danger is my other middle name). New things keep me on my toes and interested in some of the more boring things in life.

For example: Hair color. Visual evidence shows that I used to be a dishwater blonde. My roots suggest that I am a dark ash brunette. My current hair color is medium brunette with blonde highlights. So what is my natural hair color? Who knows? The truth has been covered up by layer upon layer of dye over the passing years. It's true that I'm addicted to the bottle. And how could I not be? It all starts with the smallest suggestion:

You walk into the mall and a lady with gorgeous red hair is walking out. You think to yourself, "Gosh, I would love to have her hair, I should dye it red!" You make the appointment and next thing you know...BOOM... you are a redhead! Too bad red hair colour fades in, like, 2 seconds. So you go back to the stylist and decide that blonde is the hair color to fit your season. The blonde is beautiful, and let's face it, blondes really do have more fun! But in 8 short weeks, your natural brown hair makes an appearance and you have 2 ugly inches of growth.

The spiraling vortex of doom continues...

From blonde to brunette to highlights to low lights, you are a dying fiend! Your right eye develops a rather noticeable twitch as you are anxiously searching for you next colour fix. You pay off people in the streets to buy you a box of Loreal Colour Experte. Month after month you continue to dye, dye, DYE! No one can stop your obsession with color!

But then the worst happens. You dye your hair to death. Split ends are creeping their way up the hair shaft, breakage is running rampant, and frizz is the new sleek. Your colour rampage is put to an end as you cut your hair into a buzz cut to save what healthy, un-dyed hair you have left.

You promise yourself you will never go through that hell again.

...But then you walk into the grocery store...

Hopefully this extreme future of my hair dyeing obsession will not end like this. I really can stop whenever I want...I'll stop AFTER tomorrow's appointment at the Salon. Now I just can't decide whether I should go red or blonde...

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