Monday, December 1, 2008

Thank Goodness!

So I had a pretty awesome Thanksgiving. I ran a 5K in the morning (and made excellent time for not training),

went to the Zoo with my family,

played in the Zoo's playground with my fiance,

and enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner with Bob's family!

I sure like Thanksgiving. I really like the food part, the family part, the pie part, the tryptophan part, and the leftover part. I'm not so much a big fan of the jellied cranberry part, or the yam part. But all in all, I'm a fan!!! I've had quite some time now to brainstorm all that I'm thankful for and here's what I've come up with:

I am thankful for...
1. A fiance who is proud of my belching, sings theme songs from old cartoons, likes to read super nerdy fantasy novels out loud with me, and loves me enough to make me his wife.
2. Creepy guys on the bus who don't follow me home.
3. Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero.
4. Banana Cream Pie with a cold glass of 1% milk.
5. Knowing that I will never truly understand what it means to starve, freeze, or live on the streets.
6. Novels that provide escape, adventure, and enlightenment. Movies that cause laughter, thrill, and tears.
7. Mac & Cheese shaped like Spongebob characters, Triscuit and Easy Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Rich's Turkey, Gouda, & Cranberry sandwiches, cheesy grins, cheesy jokes, and cheesy moments.
8. FREE MEAL! from Cafe Rio.
9. Making it through a meal with the majority of the food in my mouth and not on my lap.
10. Music that allows for singing in the shower, dancing in the kitchen, and head-bobbing at work or while driving.
11. Having family and friends who support, joke, and let me be me.
12. Spring Break, Summer Break, Fall Break, Winter Break, road trips, weekend trips, week-long trips, and any other event with the word 'break' or 'trip' in the title.
13. Having faith that I will see my late grandparents again. Having faith that while the future will be difficult, it will also be full of immense joy and happiness. Having faith.
14. Sleeping in.
15. Being a women who can hold a job, attend a University, vote, have a family, and not be expected to live a quiet, passive life.
16. Not just owning 1 pair of shoes, but being able to feed my fetish with many shoes of differing color, shape, and purpose.
17. Modern medicine and the ability to live a long, full, fruitful life.
18. Butterfly kisses, Eskimo kisses, short kisses, long kisses, quick kisses, and romantic kisses.
19. All things beautiful, fun, exciting, adventurous, spontaneous...that aren't too risky or dangerous (a girl has got to set some limits).
20. Knowing that the entire future is what I choose to make it. And right now, I'm looking to make it a good one!


Ashley said...

Priscilla!! Congrats on getting engaged! I am so excited for you!

Melinda said...

I'm so with you on the mac & cheese. I remember how your mom would ask us what we wanted for lunch and we always wanted kraft mac & cheese and we'd eat it with a fork. Those 7 minutes waiting for it to cook seemed like an ETERNITY.

Lisa Louise said...

I'm so excited for you girl! Sorry I couldn't be at the flower passing, post pictures!! When is the big day?