Monday, March 16, 2009

Ready to be Wed

Bob and I have been engaged for 4 months.

We have a little over 2 months to the wedding.

I am so ready to get married it's not even funny. Sometimes a six-month engagement seems like an eternity. (How ironic is that, seeing as that we'll be together for an eternity after we're wed? Chuckle, chuckle) I'm ready to live together, go shopping together (for reals now, not those little sprees that we take to get Mac 'N Cheese and Apple Beer). I'm ready to begin my life with Bob: waking up next to each other, struggling financially, and having petty little arguments about bills and such. Sigh. But no, Bob and I decided to go the tough route with the six-month deal. Grr.

But upon thinking more about this set-up, I'm actually glad that we have such a long engagement. It is amazing how much more I have learned about Bob during our engagement. I also think that our love has grown by having a longer engagement. We have the impending wedding on the horizon, and it has allowed our excitement to grow. We can't wait to be husband and wife! Yay for anticipation.

Our long engagement has also given us plenty of time to prepare for the wedding. It's not like we're huge procrastinators, but it sure has been nice not worrying about rushing orders and plans to have a quick wedding. It has actually been quite relaxing. I'm hoping that because of this long planning phase our day will be stress-free (or as close as one can get on their wedding day!).

I suppose it is also good to get this semester under my belt before attempting the whole marriage thing. We'll be able to take a full week honeymoon and not have to come back to tests or classes! Super bonus! Actually, the more I look at the positives of our 6 1/2 month engagement the more I like it! (Not saying that short engagements aren't awesome, too, because I'm quite jealous of all you 3-month engaged-ers).

Hopefully these next couple of months will be exciting, enlightening,

and fast!


Ashley said...

It's so exciting. You'll make it. And then you'll have the rest of life to have so much fun!! We postponed engagement so that didn't have to wait too long. But we planned on getting married for about 8 months. Your day will be so awesome! I'm excited for you.

elsie said...

so fun! i hope you guys are looking forward to lots of penguin huggin too!
good job at staying optimistic! miss and love ya!

The Ricketts said...

Oh i'm so excited for you guys!!! Hopefully these next 2 months will just fly by for you two!

Lisa Louise said...

hurray for only two months away!! thanks for the hilarious birthday post on facebook, you rock!

Vee said...

OOOO you're on the homestretch now.
These two months are going to wiz by!
only in utah is a 6 month engagement considered a long engagement! Thats actually a relatively normal length of time- Isn't it nice having the time to make sure your wedding is going to be as awesome as you want it to be!

Caitie Miller said...

Spencer and I were engaged for almost 10 months total. I thought it was the perfect amount of time at first, though honestly by six months I was starting to tear my hair out. Though petty fights are not that much fun. We don't fight over bills, but let's just say that I really like the Harry Potter books and he thinks they're dumb. You would not BELIEVE how much trouble that's caused! Haha!

BTW, did you know that in America the average engagement is 18 months?

Sujal said...

"I'm ready to begin my life with Bob: waking up next to each other, struggling financially..."

You're quite the optimist. :)

Melinda said...

Cryla I'm so excited for you to get married. I bet your first six months being married will absolutely fly by compared to the six months being engaged. You're going to be an old married lady so soon!