Friday, April 17, 2009

It Has Come

Good people of the Salt Lake Valley. The time to rejoice is nigh. Mother Nature has heard our pleas and is granting us with a week of heavenly weather. Put away that parka, dawn some shorts, and join your friends in the park for some Frisbee. Allow that pasty-white skin to bask in the burning sun while making sure it has a protective layer of SPF 40 on it. My good friends, here is the forecast we've been waiting for!


Vee said...

Hey my google reader picked up a blog you posted and then deleted..?
Anyway- Girl you sound just like me 2 years ago! I feel your pain!There were several days in my final semester that I went to school with the same outfit- two days in a row. New job, end of the semester, graduating, wedding planning, honeymoon planning AND I bought a house... We are crazy sometimes, but its all worth it!

Sujal said...

Dang... obviously it gets hot on school days, when everyone's busy prepping for finals.

Why not the weekend, so I could shoot hoops (or anything)?