Monday, November 30, 2009

Only Me

Yet another unfortunate event that would only happen to me:

My sister called me last week to ask if I wanted to get my eyebrows waxed with her. I never turn down a good bit of pampering so we made an appointment at our favorite spa. Later that evening we walked into the peaceful atmosphere of the Sego Lily Spa to receive our newly quaffed brows. I grabbed a quick mug of hot cider before being called to the room, and as my 'therapist' escorted me back, I took a quick sip of the cider. HOLY HELL IT WAS HOT! I burned my tongue soooo bad. And of course the lady asked me a question afterwards with me unable to talk. Nice.

So she begins to tweeze, trim, and wax my brows while I'm trying to keep my tongue from touching the roof of my mouth (owie!). The waxing hurts as usual, but my skin feels especially tender after she's done. Oh well, it happens when you rip hair out of your skin. So I head home with my ruby red eyebrows blazing for all the world to see. I get home, show my beautiful eyebrows to The Bob and kinda forget about the whole ordeal.

Upon getting ready for bed (you know, putting on jammies, flossing, brushing teeth, washing the face) I notice that right under my brows the skin is really raw and tender. And I mean raw! I call at Bob to come in the bathroom to confirm my suspicion. Bob agreed that a thin layer of my skin was ripped off during the waxing. Yikes! So it pretty much looks like this:

I had a wedding shower for my friend Mackenzie the day after (Saturday) and seriously used a ton of makeup to try and camouflage my sad eyelids. It worked fairly well, but not perfectly. So today I'm at school with my now-scarring brows hoping that nobody notices. I'm even wearing my glasses to help make it less noticeable. Sad day.

So needless to say it's going to be a while until I get my eyebrows waxed again. Yes they look great, but I'm not a fan of this ripped-off skin bit. I think next time I'll get them threaded. Keep the look, keep the skin. Good philosophy.

On a completely unrelated side-note: The Utah-BYU rivalry game this weekend was horrible to watch. Both teams were playing so dirty, and the refs were definitely one-sided. Not to mention Max Hall's nice commentary on hating everything to do with Utah. In case you missed it it went a little like this:

"I don't like Utah," Hall said. "In fact, I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate their program, I hate their fans, I hate everything.... I think the whole university, their fans and their organization, is classless. They threw beer on my family and stuff last year, and they did a whole bunch of nasty things, and I don't respect them, and they deserve to lose."

Doesn't saying that the entire school is classless kinda make you classless, Max? Kinda hypocritical if you ask me. I'm a big-time Ute fan, and this comment went way too far. It's pretty sad that Max Hall hates me and all my comrades. Oh well, at least we didn't embarrass our school. My rebuttal to this statement? "You stay classy, Utah!"


Amy said...

Ha, they give you the hot cider so the brows won't feel quite so painful. Love your new blog background. I tried to change mine and downloaded a killer virus that brought down our computer.

Chels... said...

Dude I need to find me a good waxer person... Clearly Sego Lily is not the place to go....

Avery said...

So I've had my eyebrows waxed on many occasions and have never had my skin ripped off. Ouch! There was one time right after high school graduation when I go my eyebrows waxed and the women made them pencil thin.I barely had any eyebrow left. This dark period in my life is one I refused to have pictures taken.I looked that bad. So at least at the end of the day you still have two eyebrows.