Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wow, That's A Lot of Blush

Story time friends!

To begin, fall is my all-time favorite season. I love everything about it. I love watching the trees change, I love being able to wear my warmer clothes (my cold-weather wardrobe is WAY better than my warm-weather wardrobe). I love going to football games and drinking hot chocolate after a cool day. Me and fall are tight, and we will totally be BFFs forever!

But of all the things about fall, I love those crunchy leaves most of all!

I am the enemy of all fallen leaves, for if one is in my sights I will most definitely crunch it into oblivion. I will even go slightly out of my way to step on a crunchy looking leaf. It is my biggest fall addiction. Hello, my name is Priscilla Neve and I am a lean, mean, leaf-crunching machine.

So here's where the story comes in. I was leaving work yesterday and walking up the stairs outside. To my joy and surprise the sides of the stairs were covered, and I mean COVERED in perfect, brown, dry, crunch leaves. So what did I do? I went on the biggest leaf-demolishing rampage of my life. I jumped, I stomped, I giggled, and boy did it feel good! This was, by far, the best leaf-crunching episode of the fall season. (It's making it on to the blog, for goodness sakes!) Just as I'm reaching the last few heavenly steps, I hear a quiet chortle behind me.

Holy fish sticks, Spongebob! There was a lady behind me that witnessed the entire ordeal. My beautiful moment was ruined! My cheeks turned a lovely shade of crimson (Go Utes!), and I quickly skipped the last steps. Yeah, I was kinda embarrassed. Worst of all, we had to stand next to each other waiting to cross the intersection. She looked at me with a smirk on my face and I couldn't muster up an explanation for my actions. I should have 'fessed up to my addiction. I shouldn't have hidden it from her. I should have finished the job and smashed the life out of those last clumps of leaves. But I didn't. I feel sheepish.

This little event just adds to my week of embarrassment.

Story #2:

I have a coworker named Craig. He's a pretty cool chap and we chilled in the office all summer while working full time. So yeah, we're work chums. I like bugging him, and he tolerates it. Kudos to him.

Now to the story: I was about to leave our office on Monday with backpack and sweater in tow. Craig had left to go to the restroom, and as I saw him approach the door I yelled out, "BOO!"

...Too bad it wasn't Craig passing the office. I was some random, sophisticated-looking man probably in his 50s or so. He came back into view and saw me, shocked and bewildered Cilla, searching for an explanation. My face flared as I responded, "Uhh...sorry about that...I thought you were my coworker coming back into the office and so I tried to scare him, but clearly it wasn't him, so I'm sorry I just randomly hollered at you, and, uh, yeah." He gave me a funky look. A wow-that-was-the-most-random-thing-that-has-ever-happened-to-me look. After a second of this awkwardness he simply responded with, "That's okay, it was pretty funny. Kinda made my day." He then 'turned on his heel' and left. Now I've read this expression before, but never actually witnessed it. Seeing this man turn on his heel made my day, too. I guess it was a mutual day-making experience.

Too bad it had to come at such an embarrassing price. I will definitely identify before I scare next time. I also need to work on that beet-faced thing. It totally gives me away. I could have played it cool had my cheeks not given me away. Right? Right? Of course right.


elsie said...

So funny!! Thanks for the laughs! I love both of these stories, but especially the first one. How cute you must have looked--so determined to squish ever last crunchy yummy leaf! ew ew! i want to give you a penguin hug for all your cuteness wrapped into on little cilla-taco!
Glad that you're having memorable events happening in your awesome life!
Love ya!!

Sarah said...

Priscilla you make me happy. I do the leaf thing too, regardless of if I am alone or not. I get weird looks all the time. Come on people, they're crunchie!

Liz said...

I LOVE that you also share the passion for crunching leaves. You are so fun. Today I took Sarah for a walk and we made sure to crunch all the leaves (okay well not all, there were a lot) on the road. Gotta pass on the obsession!

Melinda said...

I was laughing upstairs by myself with tears in my eyes. Talk about sheepish. :) That made my day reading that, Cryla.