Friday, January 28, 2011

You Know What's Sad?

...Not being able to count...or read numbers.

In my last post I made a big hullabaloo about it being my 100th post. I even made LEGITIMATE Funfetti cupcakes complete with LEGITIMATE pink Funfetti frosting in celebration of the big day. Can you get any more legit than that? At this point I was legit. I was too legit. I was too legit to quit.

I was as happy as a tornado in a trailer park that I had reached such a momentous moment in my blogging life.

But then I looked again to see that wonderful {#100} next to my list of posts and found something that kicked me off my Funfetti pedestal faster than Chuck Norris can roundhouse kick your face.

The #100 was gone!


Someone stole my perfect #100!


And in its place, sticking out like a bulging white-head on the forehead of life was...

A freakin' #98!!! Ninety [bleepin] EIGHT posts? How can I have only written 98 flippin' posts?

At this point I am not legit. I am un-legit. And for that reason I must quit. (If you're lost at this point, you really need to makes friends with MC Hammer and the movie Hot Rod).

And am pretty much feeling like a dumbo idiot for not being able to distinguish a 98 from a 100.
I feel like so much time has been wasted. Time that I could have spent doing something less making Funfetti cupcakes WITHOUT Funfetti frosting. I could've saved $3.00 by making my own icing. And I can guarantee it would have been fun, too. Butter + shortening + vanilla + powdered sugar + more butter = cholesterolly fun goodness!

Even more upsetting than knowing that I obviously need to change my glasses prescription is knowing that I let you all down. I'm sure you each had your own Priscilla-inspired fiesta the night of my erroneous blog post. Did you make Funfetti cupcakes, too? Sorry about that. But at least you got to enjoy a tasty treat, right? Right.

So here's a toast to my 99th post of blogging awesomeness:

May you all have a prosperous week full of happiness and EXTREME anticipation for the real, honest-to-goodness legitimate 100th post of the century.

Trust me. This is gonna be big.


jeremy said...

As epic as my POSTY POST 200?! Awesome! I can't wait!

Chels said...

Pretty sure I totally forgot about the fact that you can't count when I saw YOUR AWESOME PAINT SKILLS. *Jealous*