Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Awesomeland

Holy Guacamole! There is so much that has gone on this winter break. How about an update in pictures? Sounds good to me!

November 19 - 1 year engagement anniversary. Bob had his wonderful sister Mariah arrange a gorgeous rose heart for me! All together now...awwee!

When Bob proposed last year Mariah had arranged a huge heart of roses with the ring box in the middle. Kudos for Bob for making a miniature arrangement 1 year later.

December 11 - My 23rd birthday. The entire day was simply wonderful. We finished off the day with seeing The Princess & The Frog. We enjoyed it lots and lots.

December 19 - Neve family pictures at the Capitol. Even though we started a little late, the pictures turned out beautiful!

 As we were leaving the Capitol the fog was almost completely covering the dome.
Very eerie and awesome.

December 25 - Our first Christmas married! Do you like how attractive we are just after waking up? Also, for the past few months whenever Bob asked me what I wanted for Christmas I would say "A Puppy!" (even though I know we can't have one). Bob, being the adorable thing he is, got me a stuffed Dug from Up! My Christmas wish did come true. I got a puppy.


December 31 - January 2 - Ringing in the New Year in Bear Lake. Our friends Michael David and Kassidy Mather invited us up to Bear Lake for New Years. We spent the weekend eating, reading, playing video games, and playing board games. It was muchos funos. We even attacked the mountain with some extreme sledding. Very cold, but very adventurous.

Wowza, lemme tell you how HOT I am when going sledding. So so hot.


NickandShay said...

You two are so cute! Looks like you have had fun too! I love that dog by the way!

Jen Howick said...

oh, that Bob, so sweet! Love the roses! Sorry about the eyebrow (yikes!) and happy late birthday! We didn't even know - your birthday came and went, right beneath our noses - literally!