Thursday, April 12, 2012

High Hopes

To begin this fine and fancy-free post, here are some updates:

- I passed the Praxis! I was beyond stressed for about a week before and three weeks after taking it. It's nice to have that crappy stress out of my life.

- My first externship is completed, and I'm over half-way through my second one. I feel like I've learned a lot from both my externships, but I cannot express how much I am ready to get paid for the therapy I provide.

I can confidently say that I think I'm coming out of my quarter-life crisis. I don't want to say it's because all my grad school courses are over, but...

What's that you say, Priscilla? ALL of your graduate school coursework is completed? Woopadeedoo! You are an awesome person!

It's true. After 7 long years of school, I am so happy to say that I am finally [almost] done. All that's left is to have a quick meeting with some professors, walk in the convocation ceremonies (which are May 3), and finish up my externship at Granite District.

This is coming along quite nicely. Quite nicely I might say.

Grad School? Almost a check.

Next order of business? Get a job.

The job hunt is also coming along quite nicely. Thus far I've interviewed with Jordan, Granite, Murray, and Wasatch Districts. And, drum roll please, Wasatch offered me a job!

Woopadeedoo x 2, Cilla!

Bob and I have been doing lots of talking, and by talking I mean pondering, praying, chatting, thinking, and a bit of crying over whether I should take the job or not. Here's how my thoughts have progressed:

Wasatch pays more than Granite, Jordan, Davis or Canyons!
...but Wasatch District is in Heber City

Heber City is gorgeous!
...and a 45 minute drive up Parley's Canyon

*I LOVE driving Parley's Canyon!
...gas prices are constantly increasing

We'll just MOVE to Heber!
...but what if Bob can't find a job in Heber?

He can commute down the canyon to work!
...did I not just say that gas prices are, like, a bajillion dollars a gallon?

That's okay, Wasatch pays more than the other districts!

And so the cycle begins again. In all honesty, my interview with Wasatch was wonderful. I LOVED everyone I interviewed with. They all seemed like they were sincerely interested in me and what I would bring to the district. Heber would be a fun adventure. I figure that now is a great time for us to move away (does Heber count as "away") while we don't have kids or other obligations keeping us in the valley. But still, I feel like staying in the valley would be the "easier" choice.

[Sigh]. I don't think I like making big girl decisions. It was hard enough deciding what to dress my Ariel Mermaid Barbie in (note: she only came with two outfits), now life throws this at me?

How will I ever survive being an adult?

Alas, even though I have to make decisions now, I think I'm gonna like this adulthood thing. Salary? Yes please. Benefits? You mean I can FINALLY go to the dentist? Sign me up! Children? Okay, so that topic freaks me out a bit, but give me some time and I might feel more comfortable about growing a human and pushing it out...well, you know where.

I'm trying to think of anything else of note to put on here. Ummm.... Bob and I are currently finishing up the second season of The Walking Dead. Do I love it? Yes. Does it give me nightmares? Yes. Have Bob and I made up an entire plan of what we would do in the case of a Zombie Apocalypse? Yes. Man, that show is good stuff.

I want to be this dog. I'm pretty sure this dog's life is amazing. To me, this dog is saying, "Hey world, I'm crazy and slobbery and I don't care what other people think. I'm gonna jump in the air and be awesome forever, 'cause jumping is my favorite." Yeah, I could be a dog.

I do believe that is all for now. Conclusion? I may not be the dancing, debating, artist that I used to be, but I'm on my way to becoming something awesome - A money-making Speech-Language Pathologist!

Fist pump!

* No joke, people. Me and Whitie (my 2-door Acura) love cruising up and down the canyon. She takes it like a champ, and I love driving fast the speed limit.


Avery said...

I love your post Cill! I think it was appropriate we just sang "High Hopes" a couple weeks ago. Love the comment about your barbie. Hilarious!

Lil Lizzie said...

you're a rockstar cilla. no joke. congrats on everything!!!

Callen and Liz said...

We LOVE The Walking Dead. I'm right there w/ you... It scares me to death, but I love it!

Iordanov's said...

You totally rock! It was so good to see you today :D Ivan & I are so proud of you! :D P.S. Walking Dead is awesome.