Thursday, May 17, 2012

Doctor and Master

Bob has now officially graduated from the S.J. Quinney College of Law. All that's left is for him to take and pass the Bar. His graduation ceremony was long great. All I gotta say is that lawyers LOVE to hear themselves talk. Despite this, the speakers were quite good and the company was fantastic. Bob had himself quite the cheering squad complete with me, my mom, his father, stepfather, mother, stepmother, two sisters, one brother, one half-brother, and 4 nieces/nephews. We love our Bob.

I'm currently in the middle of reading "Room," among other books. (Did you see my new 2012 Reading List here?) I've been a reading fanatic lately. Anywho, since I'm completely absorbed in Room and Delirium, I'll just finish this post with pictures.

The Graduate

Bob's sister, Mariah, made him an AWESOME lei. 

Bob and his [single] friend Aaron. Here's looking at you, ladies!

Good lookin' couple if I do say so myself

Bob + 2 neices, 2 nephews, and 1 half brother. So much sillyness!

Bob & Momma Kim

Stepfather Thom and Momma Kare

"Doctor" Bob and "Master" Cilla. We Did It!

Here's a final funny story for you. Bob and I decided to take this last picture right before getting in the car. Notice how Bob has his purple tassel? Later in the day I was looking for it to add it to his undergraduate tassels and it was myteriously missing. We checked the entire apartment (it's 600 square feet and didn't take long to go through) and in and around the car. The tassel? Still missing. I even drove back to this parking lot to check the ground. No tassel.

I'm going to assume that some starving law student couldn't afford his/her tassel so they swooped in all 007-like and stole the tassel while Bob was getting in the car. There is really no other explanation for it. Also, since I'm such a sentimental nerdo I went to the University Bookstore a few days ago to purchase a new tassel. Ah, memories.


Tiffany said...

You are both so AWESOME!!! Congrats! Also, the (single) friend Aaron, is pretty cute... ;-)

Congratulations again! Love you!

Lisa Louise said...

congrats to Bob! and to you cilla. Haha maybe we should hang out with aaron eh :) ?

Kurt, Alexandra, Yulia said...

Guys, you are awesome!!! Congratulations again, you great and smart people!! It was so great to see you at the parade, but definitely not enough! We need to get together and catch up!!! It's been way too long!