Thursday, March 31, 2011

Proof That I'm {Kinda} Witty

So, I kept struggling to finish that "10 Days of Cilla" baloney. I have other things that I want to talk about. So I've decided not to finish it. Instead, I will be providing you with proof that I am a wee bit witty. Not lots of wit, but a little bitty witty.

Here's my most recent story to tell y'all: Justin's Nut Butter (website found here) is an organic maker of all kinds of nut butter. Chocolate hazelnut, maple almont, honey peanut butter...holy cow they have so many varieties! I've gotta be honest here, I've never actually tried them, but my awesome sister loves all the flavors she's tried out. I trust her judgment.

So Justin's Facebook page has had a daily contest the past few days. The person who best answers a PB question gets a free tub of PB and a peanut butter cup. My sister won on Monday and tipped me off about this cool contest just in time for me to enter on Tuesday.

Here was the question: "Tell me about the world's largest PB&J. "

And my answer: "The world’s largest PB&J was created by the world’s smallest creatures: Moompa Foompas. The Moompa Foompas are close relatives to Oompa Loompas and hail from FoompaLand (a VERY small suburb in Grand Saline, TX). Moompa Foompas worship the p...eanut and hold an annual Peanut Butter Carnival (minus the creepy bearded lady and lobster-man) to celebrate the blessed union between these two spreadables. Last year, Master Foompa and his fellow Foompites decided to break the PB&J record for biggest sandwich previously set by Oklahoma City. It took approx. 5,389 Foompas to construct the 1,342 lb monstrosity. Sadly, due to the Moompa Foompa’s obsession with the peanut, they all perished from over-indulgence. Upon seeing the heaven-sent sandwich, folks in Grand Saline swooped in to take the credit from Guiness World Records to prove, once and for all, that everything really is bigger in Texas."

(As a side note, the largest PB&J really was created in Grand Saline, TX and did weigh 1,342 lbs).

That night I was overjoyed to see that they chose my entry to win! My award is a jar of Justin's peanut butter and a peanut butter cup! I've never really won any contests like this before, so you can understand why I'm so darn excited to get my free PB!

Moving on, I entered the contest again yesterday. I didn't think a person could win twice, but I still answered the question for kicks and giggles.

Question: "When is the next Peanut related holiday and how are you celebrating?"

(FYI: The next PB holiday is National PB&J day on Saturday)

My answer: "I, too, will be celebrating PB&J Day this Saturday. I expect my day to go a little like this: 10am: Make 10 PB&Js with Justin's fantabulous PB. Eat in 10 minutes. 11am: Make 11 PB&Js with Justin's chocolate hazelnut. Eat in 11 minutes. I ex...pect this to continue with all of Justin's amazing (and diverse!) flavors until a nut-butter coma ensues. I look forward to a 30-day hibernation period in which I will dream of frolicking through a secluded meadow scooping up handfuls of nut butter filled flowers. The only thing that will pull me out of this fantastic coma will be the aroma of a fresh deep-fried PB&J made with nothing other than Justin's classic Peanut Butter. I can't wait!"

I checked back this morning to see who had won, and was shocked to see that they chose me! Two days in a row, baby! Lady Luck was smiling upon me this week. I really needed this ray of happiness this week. I've been feeling down on myself lately - like I've been slowly losing little aspects of my personality that make me me. Grad school has put a big stick up my butt, and I've lost a lot of my muchness, my cilla-ness, if you will.

So here's a toast to proof that I still have the ability to put a smile on someone's face and take random facts and turn them into fun little bits o' fiction. That sounds like a cereal... Bits o' Fiction! Enriched with 13 chuckles and chortles. Now with 3 proven facts! Well, I think I'll end on that random note. Until next time, you stay awesome, internet.


Preston and Angie said...

Haha. That's an awesome story! (the real you winning a contest TWICE and the Cilla stories that won). Way to go!

Amy said...

Love your story answers. You should take a break from grad school and write a book. :)

Anonymous said...

I would have chosen you too.